USA: After 17 Days Holding Her Dead Calf Above Water, Orca Tahlequah Returns To Her Pod. Take Action Against Trump For Failing To Provide Her With Protection.



Hi Mark,

After 17 painful days, a Southern Resident orca named Tahlequah has rejoined her pod. It’s a sign of hope for her survival after she spent more than two weeks using her diminishing strength to hold her dead calf above water.

It’s for Tahlequah and the other 74 West Coast orcas that we just sued the Trump administration.

Please give to the Trump Resistance Fund so we have the funds needed to see this fight through. All gifts till the end of August will be matched.

It’s impossible to imagine the cool waters of the Pacific Northwest without these beautiful, social whales. But that reality could be just years away if we don’t act swiftly — they’re among the most gravely imperiled animals on the planet. Because of a lack of food, no new calves from Tahlequah’s pod have survived since 2015.

That’s why the Center’s new lawsuit targets the Trump administration for dragging its feet on protecting the critical habitat West Coast orcas need to survive.

And it’s why we launched another legal action earlier this month to give these imperiled whales safe harbor from underwater noise that muffles the sonar they use to communicate and find food.

Support these lifesaving actions and secure a future for West Coast orcas. Please give an urgent matched gift to the Center’s Trump Resistance Fund.

Just as the news broke about Tahlequah’s devastating loss late last month, Trump and congressional Republicans launched an unprecedented attack on the Endangered Species Act.

Trump and other far-right politicians are determined to make it harder to designate critical habitat for endangered creatures like these magnificent orcas. Without protected habitat, without enough food to eat, these whales could be extinct in a matter of years.

We can’t let that happen.

For these intelligent, family-oriented mammals, there isn’t a moment to lose.

Please give now to double your gift to our Trump Resistance Fund.

For the wild,


Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. We’re fighting for endangered species day in, day out. The best way to support that fight is by joining Wild Uprising and starting an automatic monthly donation.

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