The slaves in modern society!



The beginning of the slavery of the human species was in 1444, when the first Africans were deported to Portugal to exploit their labor power.
In the following centuries, until the 19th century, Europeans exploited some twenty million Africans.
They were kidnapped from their villages and their homeland, they were sent to North America or brought to other ports for eight weeks by ship.


Sklaventransport.5jpgSchafen Transporte

They were chained on board, huddled together and dumped overboard when they got sick or had problems. They were sold in markets to white slave traders, they were just considered goods.

In the 1960s, the civil rights movement in the US began to make an important progress for people’s rights and was a decisive blow against apartheid.
Interestingly, when the United States ended slavery in 1865, every freed slave not only got a piece of earth, but also a donkey as a slave!!
Animals are until this day the “legal” slaves of the world.





Because humans beings have a self-interest (but also an advantage) in taking on the role of the oppressor, the abolition of animal slavery seems to be a task that is not as simple as it was the abolition of human slavery.
Moreover, animals can not express themselves and their desire for freedom, life, joy and hapiness  in our language, wich was possible for the human slaves.
That is why today we often hear the phrase “many peoples have been treated as animals” as if torture, exploitation, sadism, mass murder would be acceptable if the victims were “only” animals.


bild mit Sklaven 1Angeketteter Stier


Animals are therefore today the Lawless, they are the modern slaves.
And to understand this analogy between human slavery and animal slavery seems to be an enormously difficult task, because humans are far from recognizing animals’ full moral status and granting fundamental rights.
Rights that all living beings have.

And above all the right to life, the right to be free from slavery, torture, suffering.


Äffin und Indianerin mit toten Kindern_n

The robbery of the homeland, the chains, the months of ship transport, the brand on their body, the sale to auction markets, the brawl.. all of that belonged to the life and everyday life of the erstwhile human slaves.
People have freed themselves.

Animals remain the victims, the slaves of modern society. All over the world.
The animal liberation is and remains the mission of the animal rights movement.

This is our mission!

My best regards to all, Venus


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