UK: Severe Questions for Government to Answer Regarding British Lamb Sold to Saudi Arabia. Was It Stunned Prior to Slaughter or Not ?


WAV Comment  – The lambs would be slaughtered in the UK and NOT exported live.  But when they are slaughtered in the UK, are they stunned in accordance with UK and EU law, or non stunned as required by Saudi ? – big issue which will cause many to question the attitude of the government.  Clarity required.

sheep rule


The UK government has been accused of watering down animal welfare standards after it emerged that British lambs sold to Saudi Arabia in a major new trade deal may not be stunned before slaughter.

The deal, understood to be worth £25 million over the next five years, has been criticised by MPs and animal welfare groups.

The British Veterinary Association has called on the government to clarify whether the lambs would be killed using a ‘cruel’ non-stun method, which the body condemns as causing ‘unnecessary suffering’.


Watching for the response from Government !

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