Again criminals at work!




I received this petition today:

Dear friends of the rainforest,

Indonesia is trying a dirty deal with the EU. “We buy Airbus aircraft only if they fly with our palm oil”, so you can bring the demand to the point.


Zerstörung des regenwaldes


Indonesia’s Trade Minister Lukita demands that the EU support the production of palm oil gasoline. More importantly, the aircraft should be designed to fill up with palm oil kerosene. These are the conditions for the purchase of Airbus jets – or its US competitor Boeing.

“This is again a crude attempt to put the EU under pressure,” says Reinhard Behrend, chairman of Save the Rainforest e.V. The Minister apparently wanted to boost the sale of palm oil by all means.

“Palm oil is a major cause of rainforest destruction. Millions of people and animals are displaced, “says Reinhard Behrend:” The EU must not buckle in the interests of the aviation industry and put back on palm oil to secure the sale of aircraft. ”


Affe, der aus Regenwald getrieben wird


The background to this is that the EU Commission has decided to phase out palm oil for biofuel in 2030. After years of campaigning, the Commission appears to be beginning to realize that the biofuel policy has failed, with the 2030 deadline far too long. Indonesia insists at the same time on the environmentally harmful, non-future-proof technology and wants to enforce the environmental killer biokerosene in air traffic.

The EU is currently negotiating a free trade agreement with Indonesia. Palm oil plays a central role in this. Indonesia is the main producer of palm oil and the EU is an important market.

We demand: There must be no free trade for palm oil!

Please sign our petition.



We do not need to mention again the catastrophic effects that the deforestation of the rain  forests cause because of palm oil.
For humans and animals, for the ecosystem, for nature, for the future of all of us and our children, we have the responsibility to stop it.
We have to try by all means.

Please pay close attention to which products you buy in the supermarket.
Pay close attention to the ingredients, and where it says “Palm oil” don`t  buy the product.
It takes time and patience to find something without palm oil, I know, it’s the same with me, but that’s what the criminal destruction industry of tropical forests wants: that we lose our nerve, patience, lack of courage.
We, who want to preserve life and its future, must remain consistent and active.



My best regards to all


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