Australia: Note The Date – Make This The Biggest Human Chain Against Live Exports.


human chain aus

In just six weeks, we hope to see the most people we have ever seen on Fremantle’s Stirling Bridge for our eighth annual Human Chain event.

               SUNDAY 7 OCTOBER AT 10.45 AM

Back in 2012, after the events that took place and were exposed in Indonesia in 2011, the public rallied to our second Human Chain in droves, and we had 1,200 people attend. Sadly, the numbers keep dropping as people get complacent or lose hope. Last year we had “only” 600-700 people 😦

This year we MUST make it HUGE again.

Yes – Emanuel Exports have lost their licence, and that does include their subsidiary company EMS Rural Exports, but they are appealing that decision, and their Kuwaiti shipping agent Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading (KLTT) has applied for a licence to carry on their dirty work. We also know that the second largest exporter of live sheep, Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) is buying up sheep as I type, readying to try to send a shipment in September.

BUT WE HAVE NEVER BEEN CLOSER! And we must use this political momentum to our advantage and keep the pressure on. We have never seen any Liberal MPs speak out against the trade, now we have at least three who were ready to cross the floor to see a Bill to end the live sheep trade passed.

The Labor Party, which has always supported the trade, has committed to end at least, the live sheep trade.

Animals Australia is threatening to seek an injunction against any permits being issued to ship sheep by sea, to the Middle East during the months of May to October.

Hinch and Rhiannon have a Bill ready to go for the Senate, and the numbers suggest it WILL pass!


PLEASE be at Stop Live Exports’ HUMAN CHAIN on Sunday 7 October, no later than 10.45 AM.

WEAR BLACK, and please DOWNLOAD print off and wear your “I AM A ________  STILL OPPOSED TO LIVE EXPORT” sign.

live ex ship


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