“It happens everywhere”: a dangerous generalization!



These video from a slaughterhouse in Australia reached me yesterday


This video has a good and a bad message:
The good news: Animal Liberation Activists have occupied the slaughterhouse’s roof on Monday, while others are protesting against the treatment of animals.

The bad news: The video ends with the sad confession: “Business as usual, every day in every country”.

I imagine it like this: I’m watching news on TV. A serial rapist has been arrested, he has brutally raped and murdered some women. The reporter ends the message thus: “Murderers, as we know them, every day and in every country”.

The reporter would be released and a protest action against the broadcaster would start.

For videos with documented animal cruelty in slaughterhouses is (mostly) a clear goal in the foreground: the non-vegan FB users to disillusion, according to the motto: If anyone thinks that this brutal animal massacre takes place ONLY here, we warn against!

This happens everywhere, so stop eating meat right away! We never know how many people will actually turn vegan after this video.
But it is an excellent opportunity to criticize the butcher’s job.


geschlachteter Pferde Kopf_n
All these sadists who let their fury, their brutality and their sick hatred for defenseless animals in a slaughterhouse should be classified as dangerous killers.

And if such are indeed found everywhere, in every slaughterhouse in the world, then every slaughterhouse raises the suspicion that it is a point of departure, where mentally damaged people may live out their illnesses, which they otherwise would have left out to humans. And they will be paid for it!

In a nutshell: those who suffer under abnormal social behavior can go to the slaughterhouse.

Slaughterhouses are therefore illegal facilities to protect the society of potential sadists, rapists, mass murderers and the like.

Animals Australia-Hängende Kuh_n

And from these mentally retarded, from these weak heads, we also expect from them to slaughter animals, as the law prescribes? But people who are guided only by sick instincts and emotions, have no interest in laws and regulations, at most on their own safety they can pay attention.

The slaughterhouse operator from Gathercole’s Abattoir has refused to comment on the footage, said Daily Mail.

I would have done the same!
When I run an institution with dangerous psychopaths, I have a responsibility to keep them busy. Because as soon as I dismiss them, the life of my child and all children in South Melbourne is in danger.

My best regards to all, Venus


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