The brutal massacre of the lobsters




Maine Fair Trade Lobster—the “largest lobster processing facility in the state”—is under fire after PETA obtained an eyewitness video showing workers dismembering conscious lobsters by tearing off their claws, puncturing their shells, and ripping their heads off.

Despite being torn limb from limb, the animals often don’t immediately die. Scientists have conclusively determined that lobsters, like humans and all other animals, feel pain. But lobsters don’t enter a state of shock when injured, so they feel every moment of their slow, painful death. Disremembering fully conscious lobsters doesn’t kill them instantaneously and causes them pain and suffering, and this kind of mutilation and torture is prohibited by Maine law.

kochender hummer jpg

Business as Usual

This horrific practice is evidently standard operating procedure for Maine Fair Trade Lobster and is common in the Maine lobster industry. PETA obtained video footage showing that fully conscious animals were torn apart at the now defunct Sea Hag Seafood processing plant in 2012 and again at the Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster processing plant in 2013. Some lobsters were mutilated and left to die in garbage bins.

PETA has filed a complaint with police in Gouldsboro, Maine, where Maine Fair Trade Lobster is located, and an investigation is underway.

The company is a subsidiary of East Coast Seafood Group. Please urge grocery store chains Costco and Giant Eagle to reconsider selling lobsters who were torn apart while conscious.

Please sign the petition:

My comment: The deliberate transformation of a living being into a bundle of suffering and dumb despair is a crime – what else should be a crime? The Animal Holocaust remains the most massive and longest-running murder campaign of all time. And it makes veganism the most important aspect of animal rights.

My best regards, Venus



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