Essex, UK: The suffering of turkeys in an award-winning turkey farm!



The organization Animal Equality has published on 16.01.2019 a video.
It shows how the meat mafia works: with lies and deceit for the meat consumers, and with torture and suffering for the animals.

Consumers are cheated that they have animals from animal-friendly attitude on their plate, and pay accordingly expensive.
But the turkeys are kept and maltreated like the other turkeys of a non-award winning farm next door.

Eating animals is not just a crime against animals.
It is also politically wrong.
Because so cooperates the carnivore with a fascist system that uses animals as claves and consumers as useful idiots.

(It follows the translation of the video, the video is without sound):

This award winning company in Essex, UK advertises large, airy stables.
In fact, the turkeys live to a thousand, in crowded halls.

The only employment material for the animals in this barren environment is this old chair. Boredom causes the curious and the intelligent birds to pick each other.

Therefore as a precaution they are cut off sensitive beaks.

But! This painful procedure does not prevent the animals from developing aggression in such an un-natural environment.

The wounds become easily infected and usually remain untreated.

Hidden cameras show how this turkey is picked again and again for 15 hours by its conspecifics.

Lack of control by the workers means lasting pain and certain death for them. Some birds are even eaten alive by conspecifics.

The floors are littered by the bodies of those who have not survived.

The workers just let them lie between the living.

Some were eaten to the bone..

These birds had to stay in a van all night. That’s how they spent the last hours before they died.

Their lives end up like the lives of these birds from another farm nearby.

Without checking that the turkeys are dead, their bodies are torn apart.

The End.

Best regards, Venus


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