Banksy’s street art against cruelty towards animals.



At the end of the video a small child is crying and is shocked by the animation.

Its young mother turns the stroller in the opposite direction and tries to keep her crying child away from the “cruel” reality.


In reality they have been in trucks for days!

There is no place to lie. Those who become tired and lie down risk becoming depressed by their fellow sufferers. During the entire transport they are not supplied, drinking nipples are not accessible and this is not provided. This is not possible with the number of animals.

They are transported for hours or days with unknown animals, receive neither food nor water, they are exposed to heat and cold, unknown persons and a strange environment.
They suffer from exhaustion, pain, injuries and have to endure noise, vibration and odor (ammonia, exhaust fumes, gasoline).

Dear mother,
Now, and as early as possible teach your child that ethic never stops with living beings who can feel. A living being that has the ability to feel subjective, to suffer, to rejoice, or to be sad, is a free being that has a value system and the right to life.
Like your crying child.

My best regards, Venus



One thought on “Banksy’s street art against cruelty towards animals.”

  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s just a performance, and so true. Why do we close our eyes and that of our children to a reality, we don’t want to see, instead of changing the reality?


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