Germany: the hunters create the terror they need




In January and February foxes suffer even more than usual under the criminal pursuit of the hunters: Especially in the mating season they are persecuted in so-called “fox weeks” in many places particularly brutal.

“Fox weeks” are several events in hunting areas where terrorism is made on foxes with all available hunting methods.
At the end of such killing action, there are sometimes several dozen foxes “on the line” – many of them are badly damaged, they have shredded  pines, or their guts hanging around smash.

tote füchse bei jagd_nThis is how hunters display the harvest of the fox weeks!


In order to justify this massacre, it is necessary to explain the state of emergency and, ideally, to perpetuate forever, because only then can the murder be legitimized. Therefore, the hunting associations speak of population regulation, sustainability or the protection of wild animals.

So are criminals: they need “enemies” to justify their killings, so they create them!

In Germany every year about half a million foxes are killed by criminal hunters.
Mostly through particularly cruel practices that have already been banned in other countries, such as constuction hunting (Art holes under the ground) manslaughter or hunting with hunting dogs on live foxes.



There is no question of a “necessity” of fox hunting:
The experiences from fox-hunting-free areas (Belgium, Geneva) show unmistakably that fox populations regulate themselves without human intervention. Hunting losses, on the other hand, are quickly offset by rising birth rates and immigration.

Last year, such shameless news reached us every day in the media:

– The Hunting Association demands an intensive catching of raccoons
– Hunters demand the hunt for Nile geese
– The Hunting Association pleads for a comprehensive hunt for Greylag Geese
– Hunters call for hunting for pigeons
– The Hunting Association requires “protection” hunting for wolves and wolf-free zones, etc. –

In general, reports from hunting associations and hunters can be found throughout the year, and almost all contain murder claims.

In Germany, 5 million wild animals are shot or bullet-shot every year, killed or cruelly killed in traps.

5 million animals each year – that’s 13,700 every day, 570 per hour, almost 10 animals per minute. Every 6 seconds an animal dies by hunter’s hand!

baujagdTo justify the hunt, advertise platforms with hunting trips: HUNTINGPASSIONSUSTAINABILITY!

One must suffer from a heavy dose of sadism and psychopathy to recognize passion and animal protection on such images!

fuchswoche fuchs mit innereien640

»From animal murder to human murder is only one step and thus also from animal cruelty to human torture.«

Leo Tolstoy had said so about the hunt.
And he is right!

Best regards to all, Venus


One thought on “Germany: the hunters create the terror they need”

  1. That’s highly disgusting and disturbing! I feel so stressed by the view… I don’t have words enough strong to express my deep feelings. This isn’t natural. This is sick and should be prosecuted by law.


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