Udder flamming: the “dirty” secret of the dairy industry




More and more cruelties from the dairy industry are revealed. It has recently become known that in the UK it is still cheaper to kill male calves than to raise them, not only in UK but also in Germany. New figures show that about 95,000 male calves are disposed of each year. But even the latest photos of the animal rights organization ARM are terrible and hard to beat when it comes to animal cruelty. Udder flaming is the name of this method. A worker burns the small hairs on the udder of the dairy cows with a flame.

The “dirty” secret of the dairy industry, you should look at this video.


The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) posted a video of a covert investigation at Dean Foods (McArthur Dairy) in Okeechobee, Florida. The investigation revealed the cruel abuse of dairy cows. In addition to udder flaming, this shocking video from Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) shows other cruel practices that occur in dairy farms, such as: These include force-feeding, hitting sharp objects and much more.

turbo kühe
This should make milking easier. In nature, the cows’ teats are for the calves who suck on it. But if calves like the milking machines suck under constant vacuum, they would swallow themselves.

But the fact that today in industrial agriculture milked with such a high vacuum (because it has to go fast) is not enough. The criminal operators of dairy farms have also practiced this sadistic torture of the “udder flaming”! The poor cows, it should not only be very painful, also cows are afraid of fire. We first thought it would be a fake, but it is indeed a cruel practice in many dairy farms.

It is now the third dairy farm in Florida that was reported for animal cruelty.

Male calves of highly bred dairy cows do not get fat and are thus hardly suitable as meat, so the male calves are “disposed of”

The number of male calves killed right after birth is rising again in the UK, despite efforts by the dairy industry to end the practice known as “dirty secret”.
Dairy farms rely on female cows to produce milk. So, when male calves are born, they are redundant and farmers currently have few options. The dairy farmers dispose of the male calf by shooting it themselves.


Even in Germany: Some farmers simply let weaker calves die out of sheer existential distress. A former assistant agricultural worker testifies that she has been instructed not to give the animals any more water to make them dying of thirst.

kalb tot00al

It seems to be a worldwide dreadful process to simply discard male calves, as the following Australian video shows. The meat and dairy industry kills calves that are only a few days old. These terrible discoveries are from Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Tasmania…

In a contribution from October 2016, the Milch Mafia writes the following german  report: “After two record years of the German dairy industry, the milk price is again in the foreground of the discussion.
(…) Milk has a good reputation as a healthy food!!!. But the “milk opponents” have increased. It seems some critics enjoy writing bad about food. One gets the impression that this creates a business model. In the past, nuclear power was the favorite enemy of certain political currents, today it has become the food industry. ”

The dairy and meat mafia is worried about the decline in demand for milk

The fact that animal rights activists are not welcome because they reveal such cruelty, also shows the statement of the new German Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner. “We do not need a self-proclaimed stable police to control the welfare of the animals.” Therefore: The German politics want to criminalize animal rights activists!

Already very stupid that the milk opponents are compared with the nuclear power opponents. Only recently, the Federal Court ruled that the distribution of unauthorized film footage from organic chicken coops was not illegal.

So cruel animal cruelty will continue to be uncovered and there are still foreign animal welfare organizations that show, with which criminal methods animals are tortured to produce milk and meat  and who are these torture factories.


This time I want to make my comment short:

images.-vegan humorjpg

Best regards to all, Venus




4 thoughts on “Udder flamming: the “dirty” secret of the dairy industry”

  1. Ich möchte eine Petition bei Change.org einstellen, und zwar für die Kühe, ich habe schon eine Petition gegen das Schlachten von tragenden Kühen geschrieben, u.a.
    Aber dieses Abflammen, das ist wirklich die Hölle für Kühe –
    Wir könnten diese auch zusammen schreiben, wenn Sie mögen. Nur, es muss veröffentlicht werden, danke für eine schnelle Antwort: straydogsworldwide@yahoo.de


    1. Dear curi56,

      Because our two blocks are intended for readers from all over the world, I would like to reply to your comment in English and thus also make it possible for the other readers to understand our correspondence.
      You suggested to start a petition with us, against the criminal “Udder flaming” of the cows discovered by ARM in Florida’s farms.

      This is a very good initiative and we would like to join in, but the case has already received the appropriate attention from the authorities and penalties are given against 3 employees of the slaughterhouse.
      In addition, the organization ARM itself has used its undercover investigation very effectively to the public, so that this case seems to be almost completed.
      From the link I enclose it becomes clear:

      “As the conclusion of this investigation, suppliers and deliveries of raw milk products originating from the McArthur dairy”

      And … “Multiple criminal arrests were thus made upon supervisors and employees who were charged for excessive cruelty to animals”.

      We thank you very much for your suggestion and we hope that we will keep in touch

      regards, Venus

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      1. Thank you for answering so quickly! English is no problem; Meanwhile I visited ARM – now I´ll share the links above.
        Please, yes, let us keep in touch. And perhaps you want to visit my blog(s), too.
        I am glad to meet you:
        best regards


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