Day: November 3, 2019

Malta: Bird catchers are caught




“Committee against  bird slaughter” is doing a great job in different countries.
We recently reported a report on the mass murder of migratory birds in Lebanon (
Today the Committe reports on their success in Malta, one of the worst countries in bird murder.

The video is from 24.October 2019

Birdcatchers under pressure in Malta: Over the last 10 days, the teams working on Malta’s Committee Against Bird Slaughter have done a great job. There were already police operations on 18 out of a total of 38 discovered installations for the illegal capture of protected finches.


Here five birdcatchers were caught red-handed, 15 slings and about 50 living decoys could be secured. 13 poachers managed to escape, but they were filmed by us – the video material is probably sufficient to identify these perpetrators and bring them to justice.

20 more active traps were reported to the authorities. Finches such as goldfinch, linnet and grosbeak are popular caged birds in Malta, among “connoisseurs” get the wild animals high prices.
Our current video shows parts of the evidence – in addition to fleeing and masked birdcatchers you can see a poacher who collects his decoys with their pants down!

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V.


My comment: On October 27, a report came from the committee on a murderer who had set up 12 stroke for songbirds in northern Italy. He was arrested by the police. It was poacher number 49 of the current bird protection camp in northern Italy.

The protected animals are highly sought after as a delicacy and are eaten with polenta (maize porridge). In addition to four robins, he had also caught a wren fresh – with only eight grams of meat one of the smallest birds in Europe.

zaunkönig jpg

We call it murder, and murder must be punished severely.
Our sincere thanks to the Comittee, which often struggles with life threats and body attacks from the poachers.
The fight for the rights of animals is always a fight against people who act under the fascist conviction of the stronger race. And mostly under the protection of corrupt politicians.

My best gerards to all, Venus