Day: November 14, 2019

Venice: disaster as punishment.


A flood of the century destroys Venice. The mayor of the lagoon city wants to declare a state of emergency and warns about climate change.
“Venice was brought to its knees,” tweets Mayor Luigi Brugnaro.




“Many of these cultural sites will slowly disappear with sea-level rise, even though they are important parts of human history”, say climate researchers.

St. Mark’s Basilica suffered severe damage, as did the whole city.

80 percent of the city would be under water, there would be “unimaginable damage”.
Venice has been threatened by rising sea levels for years.
It was only a year ago, when it was said from Italy, that a storm had already claimed twelve lives in Italy and damaged cultural assets in Venice.

But this is what happens to almost all historical sites near the Mediterranean coast, according to a recent study examining 49 World Heritage sites in the Mediterranean.
The flood is the sixth in the millennial history of the basilica, and it has never been as bad as it is now.

According to the current study, the most endangered areas include the city of Venice, the medieval city of Rhodes, the old town of Dubrovnik and the ruins of Carthage in Tunisia.


Climate researchers predict that flooding will continue to increase due to climate change, with surveys showing that sea levels around Venice are rising significantly faster than the global average, with average levels increasing by up to 6.6 millimeters per year between 1993 and 2015. “

“We will lose Venice, that is not controversial,” said Anders Levermann of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research a year ago. “What we definitely know: Events like now in Venice are being intensified by global warming,” said Levermann.

“When oceans warm up, more water evaporates into the atmosphere and it has to go out again. This creates more rainfall for the whole globe. At the same time, heavy rainfall events are piling up. “Due to CO2 emissions, Venice will in future be below sea level. “That’s why it’s crucial what we do about it now and in the future.”


My comment:

Yes, I find it very interesting from time to time when we experience the consequences of climate destruction in our own country, in our own homes, in our own skin.
It hurts, yes!
I think it’s very fair.

As soon as we, human animals experience the consequences of the devastation and destruction of this planet in front of their own door, the state of emergency is called.

Until then, we have lived with the idiotic illusion, it only affects the Brazilians when the Amazon forests burn, and these Asians .. well! they should also stop burning the rainforest for profit … and so .. there are always those, the others down, who are ruining our climate. We up here are just the victims!

Compared to the daily devastation of life, the houses, the families of the orangutans in the rainforest for palm plantations, for which WE ARE ALL to blame, the devastation of the Venetian World Heritage is far more insignificant to me.


Finally, our indifference, the bankruptcy of our moral culture heritage is the cause of this catastrophe, which we humans, an extremely infantile and harmful species, displace and dramatize to their own needs.

My best regards to all, Venus

US Environmental News.


US Environmental News:

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Sage Grouse Habitat Saved From Nevada Oil Auction

In response to a court order prompted by a suit from the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, sage grouse won a reprieve in Nevada last week: The Bureau of Land Management was forced to pull more than 300,000 acres of their habitat from a Nevada oil and gas lease auction.

Despite minimal industry interest in drilling, Trump’s BLM has fueled a speculative frenzy by leasing out hundreds of thousands of acres of sensitive public land in the state, often at rock-bottom prices.

“Leasing Nevada’s public lands out for oil and gas threatens the survival of greater sage grouse,” said the Center’s Patrick Donnelly. “And also our chance at a livable climate.”

Read more in The New York Times and consider donating to our work to protect sage grouse and other endangered wildlife.


Take Action: Slam the Door on Keystone XL

Earlier this year the Trump administration issued a new permit for TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline in an attempt to sidestep our latest court victory blocking the project. The fight isn’t over — federal agencies, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, are still reviewing the project’s environmental harms, and there are many.

Keystone XL would pump more than 35 million gallons of the planet’s dirtiest oil across the country every single day, threatening waterways with spills and leaks. It would exacerbate the climate crisis and threaten a wide range of imperiled species, from American burying beetles to whooping cranes.

Act now to let regulators know: We won’t stand for Keystone XL.


Suit Launched to Save Pangolins

Gentle pangolins are the world’s most trafficked mammals. Poachers kill thousands every week for their scales — erroneously thought to have curative properties in East Asian medicine — and meat.

This poaching puts pangolins in grave danger of extinction, so on Wednesday the Center and allies launched a lawsuit against Trump for failing to propose their protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

“If we don’t halt the massive trafficking of pangolin parts, they could vanish in decades,” said the Center’s Sarah Uhlemann.

Get more from our press release.


Proposal to Protect Pacific Fishers Is Riddled With Loopholes

Following a petition and lawsuit by the Center and allies, Pacific fishers may finally get Endangered Species Act safeguards. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service just issued a protection proposal — but it’s riddled with loopholes letting logging decimate fishers’ forest habitat. Although these plush-furred mammals are tough enough to kill porcupines, they can’t survive the ongoing loss of their forest homes.

“The exemptions to their protection are fuzzier than fishers themselves,” said the Center’s Tierra Curry. Read more.


Victory: Sprawl Development Defeated Near Joshua Tree

For 15 years community groups and environmental organizations including the Center have fought a destructive development near Joshua Tree National Park named Paradise Valley. Last week we won the battle, when the Riverside County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to reject plans for the new city of 20,000 residents.

“Paradise Valley would have destroyed rare desert habitat and blocked critical wildlife corridors next to Joshua Tree,” said Center attorney Lisa Belenky. “And it would have undermined Coachella Valley’s carefully crafted conservation plan, which protects 27 endangered and threatened species and 375 square miles of conservation lands.”

Thank you to the more than 7,500 of you who just spoke out against Paradise Valley through a Center action alert. You made a difference.


Great News ! – we covered this campaign recently on this site – Mark

Link –


In Colorado, a Win for Forests Over Dirty Coal

A federal judge has blocked the 2,000-acre expansion of a coal mine in the wildlands of Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest, responding to a suit by the Center and other groups. His ruling ordered the Trump administration to consider limiting methane emissions and address potential harm to water and fish.

“Methane pollution is a climate-killer, and we hope this decision will spell the end of unlimited emissions from this coal mine,” said Allison Melton, a Center attorney.

Learn more from Colorado Public Radio.


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Lebanon: Imprisoned Busted Hyena with Broken Teeth Needs Immediate Rescue to a Sanctuary – Donation Link to Help Pay Costs.



Imprisoned Hyena with broken teeth – we need your urgent help now! 

This hyena was illegally captured from the wild. The snare cut onto her skin and she was unable to get free.



She was moved to a private zoo in the south of Lebanon and kept in terrible conditions with two other hyenas.

We were able to rescue and release the two other hyenas into Lebanon’s largest natural reserve.

But this this hyena was simply too broken to safely be released. The stress of capture and the conditions of the zoo caused her to shut down, she has a large wound from where the snare cut deep into her body, and her teeth were damaged when trying to free herself.

Sadly – she had to be left behind. We named her Hayat.

We need your help now to send her to a sanctuary! 


Donation link –



The situation is even more desperate as nationwide protests have now gone on for four weeks. All of our work is more difficult, and we need to move her before it might be impossible.

She has the chance to go to the Tonga Terre d’Accueil sanctuary in France. An amazing sanctuary that has there animals we have rescued.

We must raise $3,000 now to build a transport crate, complete the veterinary requirements, and fly her from Beirut to France.

Donate now to free Hayat from the zoo and give her a second chance!

The situation is desperate – We need your help now to rescue other endangered animals trapped in terrible conditions before it becomes too late.