Day: November 2, 2019

The life of gooses: a Guantánamo life

It is time again, the Christmas season is approaching, which, as most know, is associated with more agony and death for the animals.

Gans abgefedertjpg

Whow the “life” of a Christmas goose looks like before it lands on the plate of devout gourmets as a traditional corpse, we describe the following:

A goose from Poland: not only has to let feathers four times a year but also lay eggs constantly. She is slaughtered at the age of about five.
Their offspring are plucked bald at the age of eleven weeks, and then abused again at intervals of three to four months as feather suppliers until they have reached their slaughter weight.

Then each duck is locked in a tight wire cage and forcibly stuffed twice a day. This means: a 50 centimeter long metal tube stuffed into the throat, through the boiled corn porridge with fat in the stomach is pressed.


At the age of 14 weeks, ducklings are slaughtered, his pathologically fat liver landed as a delicacy in the belly of a gourmet. To 96 percent ducks are fattened, the female chicks are shredded after hatching, because their liver does not grow so strong.

The stuffing of ducks and geese in many countries is considered animal cruelty and is therefore prohibited. But because of the free EU goods traffic the import is allowed to Germany.

Polish oatmeal geese or geese from Hungary can be found in discounters as low as ten euros. The reason why these geese can be “produced” so inexpensively, is very easy: down! Until a goose lands on your plate, it is plucked alive, and even 4 times. A stressor that is still supported by antibiotics and many other medications. we all also support this kind of cruel attitude with taxpayers’ money.

Gerupfte Gänse

Report of the Organisation “Four Paws”:We were on farms in Hungary and Poland and watched the plucking. There are shattering scenes from. The animals are plucked by hand in the chord. It comes to bad cracks, which are sewn without anesthesia, wings are dislocated. After the procedure, the animals are in shock, they get medication, otherwise many would not survive. And it gets spooky quiet in the stable”.

When the geese are plucked outside the moult, feathers partly sit so tight that they are torn out together with the skin. Some geese die of it, others look like in the photo!

Down feathers are popular for their high quality.
The breeders usually sell their geese to a slaughterhouse after 9 to 22 weeks of fattening. In addition to the fattening of meat, with this business the profit for the breeder increases.

Dangerous germs and burst stomachs – staphylococci were found in fattening geese from Poland and Hungary. Especially resistant staphylococci are known as deadly hospital germs. In irresponsible fattening they are literally bred.

All this largely with the financial support from the EU.
Germany already receives 20% of the imported poultry meat from Poland. The Netherlands and Denmark have already moved their chickens and pigs to Poland, where lower environmental standards apply.

Poland is on track to become the largest poultry producer not only in Europe, but worldwide, with financial support from the EU, from 2007 to 2013 alone EUR 67 billion
Torment for the animals incl.

Although live plucking is officially banned in Poland and Hungary as well, reports have repeatedly been issued in the past according to which EU directives have not been complied with. Live plucking is banned in the EU, but animal rights activists say the rules in Poland and Hungary are ignored.

gerupfte Ganspg

One reason why Hungary is so cheap at producing geese is because of the down. The torture of the fast mast is not the end of the flagpole for many geese from Hungary. Those who have the misfortune to survive the attitude, are often plucked alive. The “bloody” feathers are then processed in our down pillows, beds and jackets.

At some point, the nightmare is finally over and the animals are released from their agony by death and then land frozen in the refrigerated counters of the discounters – or nicely garnished in numerous restaurants on the menu.
And of course as a traditional menu on the Christmas table.
Tragically, there are still many unenlightened fellow human beings who eat goose liver from animals that are tortured to death.


My comment: Foie Gras brings a lot of money, the down too, and finally the corpse of geese too …
A living being is used up to his last body part as a money packet.
The more plucked, the more money one makes. The fourth rupf gets even finer down, say the farm owner.
Columns of migrant workers pluck animals like machines.
The videos show that often rips the skin of geese when their feathers are torn out. A life like in concentration camps until slaughter.
And all that is legal and subsidized.
One wonders how people can participate and co-finance this fascist torture with a clear conscience.

My best regards to all, Venus

Nice day with good news


Flag of Czech Republic, Grunge Abstract Brush Stroke Isolated On A White Background. Vector Illustration.


The driver stops the car on the edge of the forest, we get out and take our tools. He drives away we approach the object and try to hide in the shadow of the forest, where is silence. The closer we are to the factory farm, the worse the smell gets. The stink means that the buildings are full of animals. What a sad confirmation.


When the watchers get on their spots we check the transmitters connection and Lukas goes inside the area with me. We avoid cameras while trying to find a way to get into one of the halls. It takes us quite a while. Through a narrow window I stretch myself in. Lukas waits outside by the window.

I take one turkey in my arms, then another, I comfort them to let them know it all will be better and then hand them over to Lukas.


On our way to safe home, we finally have time to check them properly. As I took one of them, it seemed she had strange head, but there was no time for us to focus on that. Now we can see how horribly deformed her head is. It’s like a view from a horror movie. How could she survive with such disability? I don’t know, but she made it.


I visited her in her new home a few days after. I saw how grateful she was for the touch, care and feather cleansing, how she enjoyed the sun and grass (the second rescued turkey as well) and I realized that even though I don’t know how she will handle it, she’s doing fine now.

Thanks to all who provided homes and all who help us.

Open Rescue of Two Turkeys (Czech Republic)

…… and in the name of the animals, we thank the brave activists for this animal liberation. It is symbolic and reminiscent of the millions of other turkeys that live as slaves on wretched farms to serve as food for us, a still more miserable species.

My best regards to all, Venus