Day: November 16, 2019

South Korea: Your Voice Is Being Heard in the Fight Against Dog Meat.


Your Voice Is Being Heard in the Fight Against Dog Meat


nami delivers.jpg

Above – Nami delivering petitions to the governor’s office. 

We have an exciting update from South Korea.

A petition from Lady Freethinker and Save Korean Dogs to close more than 250 illegal dog meat farms in Ganghwa Island County (part of Incheon City), S. Korea, has reached Governor Yoo Cheon Ho.

More than 30,000 of you signed the petition to urge the governor to enforce S. Korea’s laws and close all facilities that violate them, sparing animals from being crammed into tiny cages and brutally killed by electrocution, hanging, even being boiled alive.

LFT partner and Save Korean Dogs founder Nami Kim delivered the petition to the governor’s office. She expressed hope after having met with the county’s livestock department, who showed strong interest in “Empty Cages,” which provides former owners of permanently closed dog meat farms pathways to launch alternative careers.
We are encouraged by this news and will continue distributing petitions, running bus ads, and aiding the rescue of dogs from Korea’s meat trade until every dog meat farm is closed.




Spain: animal tormentors run amok


spanische flagge mit Stier

Tonight, like every year, this time on the second weekend of November, pitch balls were stuck to the horns of a bull and set on fire: ‘Toro de Fuego’ is called the burning bull in this way.

in Medinaceli (Spain) a bull will be dragged again with a rope tied in the antlers and chased by a crowd that will surround it to set fire to the metal frame placed on its horns, inches from its face. He will not escape, panic will take over him.


The terror that the animal will feel is indescribable. Try to put out the fire with sudden movements, which can cause serious injuries and even to death. Due to the fire and heat the mud that covers his face will be released and the sparks of the burning teas will burn his head, the spine and the eyes.


The animal is in pain and runs in panic through the arena, then out onto the streets. In desperation, the bull wants to extinguish the fire and bounces his head against house walls or lanterns.
If he does not die, his fur, his eyes or his horns will burn. Because pitch can not simply be erased: it is a sticky lump of tar or turpentine. The brutal scenes you see in the video.


toro noticia_normal

And I meant…As in ancient Rome, when human sacrifices were offered to the lions as combat objects, the veteran bullfighting mafia provides a bloody spectacle for primitive, asocial, and mentally frail proletarians with the justification of tradition.
The mob wants blood: psychopaths, sadists, and horny tourists clap and roar around the victim during it trys to be free from his painful suffering.

The difference is only the animal species, the crime remains the same.

It’s not just a crime against a defenseless animal.
In the end, the bull is not killed by the fire, but by the cruelty of the executioners, by the madness of those who have given them the power to do it, and by a society that makes it possible because it is silent.

My best regards to all, Venus

Poland: Mecca of the fur industry


German Animal Protection Office: We discover animal cruelty on Polish fur farms and save Fox Masha




Dear animal friends,

My name is Denise Weber and I have been involved with the German Animal Protection Office for many years. During this time I have already seen a lot of animal suffering and uncovered. But today, I would like to draw your attention to our new undercover research: We reveal the indescribable suffering of the animals on Polish fur farms: a short life in the cage, narrowness, fear and a cruel death waiting for the animals.


For decades we fought together with other animal rights activists in Germany for the fact that there are no more fur farms – with success. In April of this year the last fur farm of Germany was closed. Although there are no more fur farms in Germany, fur is still sold nationwide on jackets, hats and accessories. We have therefore investigated the question of where these furs originally came from.


The trail led us in our research into neighboring Poland. With more than 800-1000 fur farms with a total of more than 5 million fur animals, Poland has become one of the largest fur producers in Europe in recent years.
In recent weeks, we have documented the conditions on the Polish farms and found the worst conditions on the ground: mink, raccoon dogs and foxes, all animals are kept in tiny cage crates and suffer extremely under the conditions.


Mink farms with more than 100,000 animals are not uncommon. Such farms are not only very large, but are also very well guarded and secured by the fur farmers. Some farms have built high walls with barbed wire and even watchtowers and video cameras so nobody can look beyond the shiny facade of the fur industry.

Over 8 million mink, fox and raccoon dogs are killed each year in Poland for fur.

polar fuchs pg

Nevertheless, we managed to film with a drone, among other things, how the animals live in such establishments and, above all, suffer. In addition to the huge farms, there are also many small, even together timbered farms with about 100-1,000 animals. Especially in these small farms we found injured and sick animals.

(Unfortunately, I could not find an English version for the German text of the video. But you can only understand everything by the pictures)


Masha, the little polar vixen, however, had incredible luck, she was not killed and is allowed to live. As part of this undercover research, we have rescued her from a Polish fur farm.

mascha pg

Seeing the suffering of the animals on the fur farms deeply touched and shocked me.
It is inexplicable to me how one can lock a wild animal in a cage and let it suffer so.

But I know, only we can make a difference by not buying fur products and educating fur carriers about the animal tormenting conditions and asking them to stop buying and wearing fur.

So now I’d like to ask you: Share our campaign video with all the people you know so that we can open our eyes to as many people as possible. I am sure that the fate of Masha will cause many people to rethink!

My comment: Poland offers fantastic conditions for the fur industry and not only encourages the locals to build more farms. One mink can be kept here on an area of 0.18 square meters, for each additional animal the legislator plans an additional 0.068 square meters. This corresponds to the EU standards!!

There are the politicians who also earn money with their lobby work for the fur mafia. EU Commission wants to strengthen fur farming with its devious “EU reference center for animal welfare”.

Every year in late autumn, when the coat is thick and fluffy enough, is “harvest time”. That is, the animals are brutally killed. In foxes, this is usually done by electricity. The snout is closed with a forceps-shaped electrode and a metal rod inserted into the anus. A surge then kills the animal.
Minks are usually gassed. Then the fur is pulled over the animals’ ears.

In the meantime, a lot of undercover videos have even been shown by the state media, so NOBODY has a “I did not know”.  

They are sentient beings who spend a cruel time on this legal Dachau, stand on tight boxes, with grids under their paws, and suffer a cruel death!
They are not invisible products!
They are living beings.

If we want to talk about a civilized world, a similar campaign against the fur should have been started for a long time, as it started with the cigarettes.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Jail Illegal Fox Hunters Say the UK Public.



WAV Comment:

As can be seen in the results of the poll given in the above, the Brits basically hate the abuse of wildlife in hunting – and despite the Hunting Act being introduced in 2004, hunts are still managing to escape the legislation introduced then to protect animals.  In December 2019 the UK will be having a General Election; and so the issue of tightening up on the hunting act laws are now an election issue.

Hunts must not be allowed to do their own thing and get around the legislation of the act; but yes; many welfare campaigners have argued for a long time that the regulations need to be strengthened to give the animals even more protection.



I have personally seen the results of a fox hunt, and the pure waste put out by the hunts that it (the kill) is just ‘a bite to the neck’ is complete and utter rubbish, as can be seen in one of my following photos – this is the reality of the hunt, and what wild animals such as fox end up as for the sake of a days ‘sport’ by hunting low life.

Hunting animals in my opinion is the pleasure of the lowest of the low.  What pleasure do sub lifes get from ripping an animal to bits like I show here ? – they are scum; are now and will always be.  Roll on Vinny; be a voice !

Best regards – Mark.


East Kent Murder


I love to shoot foxes – but I only do it with a camera – here are a few of my pictures – better than the one above ?; I think so !








My old mate above – a wild fox who used to come into the office and sit for a while on the window sill; before going off to do his daily things; he knew he was safe when he was with me; and I loved having him around; watched but never touched !


Image result for the cure a night like this