England: Jail Illegal Fox Hunters Say the UK Public.





WAV Comment:

As can be seen in the results of the poll given in the above, the Brits basically hate the abuse of wildlife in hunting – and despite the Hunting Act being introduced in 2004, hunts are still managing to escape the legislation introduced then to protect animals.  In December 2019 the UK will be having a General Election; and so the issue of tightening up on the hunting act laws are now an election issue.

Hunts must not be allowed to do their own thing and get around the legislation of the act; but yes; many welfare campaigners have argued for a long time that the regulations need to be strengthened to give the animals even more protection.



I have personally seen the results of a fox hunt, and the pure waste put out by the hunts that it (the kill) is just ‘a bite to the neck’ is complete and utter rubbish, as can be seen in one of my following photos – this is the reality of the hunt, and what wild animals such as fox end up as for the sake of a days ‘sport’ by hunting low life.

Hunting animals in my opinion is the pleasure of the lowest of the low.  What pleasure do sub lifes get from ripping an animal to bits like I show here ? – they are scum; are now and will always be.  Roll on Vinny; be a voice !

Best regards – Mark.


East Kent Murder


I love to shoot foxes – but I only do it with a camera – here are a few of my pictures – better than the one above ?; I think so !








My old mate above – a wild fox who used to come into the office and sit for a while on the window sill; before going off to do his daily things; he knew he was safe when he was with me; and I loved having him around; watched but never touched !


Image result for the cure a night like this

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