Day: November 7, 2019

Animal liberation



With this beautiful video we let the day fade away.
Let us hope that there will be more and more people who will liberate animals from suffering, pain and injustice and give them what they deserve: love, freedom, happiness.

Good night to all from Venus

Switzerland: Psychopath rapes animals for over 7 years.


The 30-year-old farmer Andreas F. from the Swiss canton of Thurgau has had sex with sheep, cows, goats and pigs for seven years. Not even his own farm bitch was safe from him.


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As the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” reported, he had a calf suckle on his penis and got a ram to climb him. Finally, he tried the same with a 300-pound bull. All that the judge read in the indictment. The farmer admitted the deeds. “The shoot was stronger than me,” he said. And: “I feel guilty, sex before marriage is a bad sin, whether human or animal.”

From autumn 2011, regular sex with female animals

According to the indictment Andreas F. practiced from autumn 2011 regularly the sexual act with female animals such as sheep or cows. So that they do not run away as he passes by them, F. binds his animal victims.

Calf lets the farmer suck on his penis, he satisfies the court bitch several times with his hand. The perverse bustle of Andreas F. would probably have remained undetected for a long time had he not also developed a fetish for male animals.

The abuser’s abuse did not materialize until he landed in the hospital for an injury. During intercourse with the 300-kilogram bull, he had suffered serious internal injuries. The hospital staff had alerted the police.

Only there does he admit the years of animal abuse. “The police have assured me confidentiality. But now all of Switzerland knows about it, and I feel like a serious criminal! » complains Andreas F.

The farmer did not realize that he had violated the dignity of the animals

Although the farmer felt guilty and confessed everything, he did not realize he had hurt the dignity of the animals.
The ram had “voluntarily participated” (!!!) he said.
Andreas F. condemned the court to a term of imprisonment of ten months and a fine of 4,500 francs, about 4,000 euros, as well as to a psychotherapeutic treatment for three months (!!!).

The judge praised the farmer for his honesty (!!!). Therefore, she advised him to be “open” and “to be helped” so that he could “get his sexuality under control”.

The father of the offender claims to have known nothing of the practices of his son. As a pet owner, he is complicit that the son has castrated several dozen lambs without stunning with a rubber ring. Both men are astonished that this is punishable.
“Earlier, it used to be done without anesthetic,” says the father.

In Germany it is forbidden according to animal protection law, “to use an animal for own sexual acts or to arrange for sexual acts of third persons or to make available and thereby to force-behaved behavior”.


My comment: We live in a perpetrator friendly society.
Justice, fellow human beings, neighbors, medicine … protect the perpetrator almost always, from a misunderstood philanthropy known as “tolerance.”
My suggestion: One should put photos of him in his area with name and face in public places:

“Wanted! Take care of your animals and children, he raped animals for seven years”!

Psychotherapy is a costly affair, and with just three months of treatment, even dubious results are associated, meaning that no one can count on a cure for this measure.
He is a criminal psychopath and must be treated as such.

My best regards to all, Venus