Llandudno, Wales: Now its a goat town.

The goats normally spend their time on the Great Orme but have been spotted on the streets of Llandudno, north Wales,  where the residents are in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic

wales flage jpg

The Kashmiri goats that came down from the Great Orme into the town were originally a gift to Lord Mostyn from Queen Victoria.

A herd of goats has taken over a deserted town centre, eating hedges and flowers from gardens.

kashmir_goats_02The goats have been pictured in gardens (Image: Andrew Stuart)


The are currently around 110 goats and they are now regarded as wild which means no-one is legally responsible for them, but wardens at the country park do keep an eye.

It is thought that they have come down into the town at this time while they wait for the spring growth of grass on the Orme, and have been wandering the streets because they have been so quiet during the coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus - GroßbritannienAnimal invaders: Kashmir goats have occupied the Welsh coastal town of Llandudno. © Photo: Peter Byrne / dpa


A city resident said: “I think most people living in the town appreciate them and take great pleasure seeing them in the town. A few lost flowers in the spring is a fair price to pay to be able to see them closely.

“I know they can make a mess but the council are pretty good at cleaning the streets.

goats_in wales 01jpeg(Image: Lilah Mason)



And I mean…Corona is an animal-friendly virus with royal sympathies. Therefore he took over the sponsorship for the noble gift of the queen.

My best regards to all, Venus

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