Animal ethics our society: use and throw away!

In the corona quarantine, a dog or a cat as a playmate? Sounds like fun, but the bizarre trend is causing trouble in the shelter.


Ban on contact, keeping distance and little prospect of loosening in times of the corona crisis. Sitting at home is often particularly difficult to bear, especially for single people. But also families with children often hardly know how to keep the little ones busy.

How good that there are dogs and cats, many think. A bizarre trend has developed in Hessen, Germany.

banane rep deutschlandpg

Coronavirus is the trigger: A dog or a cat forbidding contact – the phone does not stand still in the shelter!!

Shortly after the Corona ban on contact was also introduced in Hesse, the telephone of the “Animal Protection Association Frankfurt am Main”  suddenly does not stand still in the shelter!!
And the staff at the shelter were amazed when the first request reached them: Whether it is possible to rent dogs and cats. Temporary – because of the corona crisis.

The pet, dog or cat would then be returned when the corona measures were relaxed again.

hund hinter shelter gitterjpg

And it was far from the case of individual inquiries, explains Sabine Urbainsky from the Frankfurt animal shelter: “It was really a lot, it was actually so bad at the beginning that the phone rang almost only because of that. The most popular loan pet was the dog, and cats were only asked occasionally”.

Corona crisis: temporary pets – and if the corona measures are relaxed, the animal can be given back.

With sentences like “I would have a lot of time for a dog in the home office right now,” and “with me the pet is better off than in the kennel”, people of all stripes justified their request.

Even a father called, says the animal shelter manager from Frankfurt.

Because his son is in front of his computer all the time, a dog would be great (!!!). Then the son would finally go out again.

But if the school started again after the corona measures were relaxed, the family would want to give the dog back because there was no time for a pet.

hund im Heimjpg

Of course no dog and cat or other pets will be arranged on a temporary basis, says the shelter manager Sabine Urbainsky.

“The pet doesn’t understand the whole thing. It thinks it has a new home and then suddenly ends up in the shelter again. There are pets that break down mentally, ” explains the shelter manager.“Dogs or cats that suddenly lose their homes often develop lethargic behavior and refuse to eat. The animal shelter staff then have their hands full to pep up the animal again”.

streune in shelterspng


And I mean..We can see what the current moral of this society is: use and throw away.
There is nothing worse for an animal than losing its home.
The joy, the conviviality, the security that is built up while living together is gone in one day.

This is man’s betrayal of the animal!

If some feel lonely and underemployed, have to go to animal shelters themselves and lead the – also lonely – dogs to a walk. Or help with the amount of work that the stressed employees do for the animals.

The loneliness in Corona times is temporary.
The loneliness of the animals in the animal shelters is lifelong.

Be a responsible adopter and give an animal love and partnership for life!



My best regards to all, Venus

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