Mass infection with corona in a German slaughterhouse

Communication offensive at Müller-Meat-Company: Around three weeks after the start of the massive corona infection among employees with 300 people affected, the management responded to the “most serious crisis” in the company’s 50-year history by telephone conference.


Almost at the same time, the DGB (German trade union federation) also takes cell phones in hand and calls the family business in Birkenfeld the “cause of the catastrophe”.

According to the government in Bucharest, more than 200 Romanian workers have been infected with the corona virus. The Foreign Ministry said that they are not seasonal workers, but employees of subcontractors of the German meat company.

fleischkörper hängendpg

In addition to the Romanians, around 100 other local workers had also tested positive for the corona virus, the ministry also said, citing information from the German authorities. All infected people are in quarantine. According to the local authorities, about five infected people are being treated in hospital, and one is being ventilated with machines.

A total of 500 Romanians are employed in the slaughterhouse, but also from Poland and Hungary.

“No foreign employee is threatened existentially”, say the miller’s bosses against the rumors about the social situation. All are covered by health and social insurance – this is also part of the audit guidelines. The fact that there are so many foreign workers is due to the situation in Germany. Regionally there are hardly any butcher jobs.

The operation with a total of 1100 employees continues to run “somewhat reduced”, said a spokesman for the company. 50 new employees are coming.

At Müller-Company, the effects of the major infection are that “the meat products are fully marketable and can be consumed safely”.

The slaughtering capacities had been adjusted to the lower workforce, delivery obligations could be “fully” fulfilled.

Companies and the health department see no risk to consumers.

images.-vegan humorjpg

I have no comment, but…The German animal rights organization (“Animal Peace”) has written a humorous and very enlightening comment on this incident:

Animal-Peace curious:

Commissioned by animals, we have the following questions for the corona experts:

1. Can viruses be transmitted to the body parts of the murder victims?

2. How long does the virus survive on corpses?

3. Up to what temperature can corpses be heated so that the virus remains active when consumed?

4. Can the human get infected through virus consumption?

In anticipation of positive news, we remain with kind regards,


My best regards to all, Venus

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