England: WAV Writes to the Danish Ambassador In London re Denmark’s Mass Mink Murders.

Here is a link to all our recent posts relating to Denmark and the murder of the mink:


Today, 12/11/20, we at WAV have written to the Danish Ambassador in London; Ambassador Lars Thuesen, to express our concerns regarding the current situation (re Mink) in Denmark and generally its involvement in being a very big player in the fur industry.

We reproduce an un edited copy of our letter here for you to read.  Despite wanting to loose it sometimes; we have remained polite but expressed our views and possible future actions quite openly.  Hopefully, the letter makes it clear where we stand on the issue of fur farming and that we will continue to fight for a complete ban anywhere that it still continues.

Also enclosed in our letter to the ambassador were a few pictures of the current mink ‘burial’ situation and one picture of the whale slaughter in the Faroe islands – just to keep him aware that this still goes on in Danish territory; the nation which he represents.

When, and if we get a response to our letter, then we will naturally publish for you all to read.

Regards Mark and Venus.

The letter is as follows; un edited from the original:

World Animals Voicehttps://worldanimalsvoice.com/

Embassy of Denmark
55 Sloane Street


Note – English return address provided.


Dated 13 November 2020.

Dear Ambassador Thuesen – Danish Ambassador to the United Kingdom, London;

I write to you as the co founder of ‘World Animals Voice’ which is located here in England and also in Germany – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/

From the start of the problems in Denmark, we have been following and reporting daily on the issue of mink farming and culling as a result of the Covid virus.  You can see all of our posts via this link:  https://worldanimalsvoice.com/?s=denmark+mink

You can also see that we have a worldwide visitor audience of 172,000+ – https://clustrmaps.com/site/1a9kn 

The association with the fur industry, and the involvement of Denmark in the fur trade and on the issue of fur farming is a shame on your nation.

There was an international shock last week when Denmark decided to cull all its mink – over 17 million animals, because of the spread of coronavirus and ‘mutations’ which stem from fur farming. That national (Danish) mink cull has turned into a political outcry now that the Prime Minister has admitted the plan was rushed through and had no legal basis.  Basic issues which national governments should be associated with and which do not present Denmark as a respected and world leading nation which we, as Europeans, know it is.

As Danish politicians continue to argue over the mass murder of millions of minks, huge grave trenches are appearing in the Danish countryside which are / will be filled with the sentient, slaughtered animals.    As there are far too many animals to incinerate; which amounts to millions, we also question the issue of water contamination to the Danish citizens by the burial in the ground of so many mink carcasses.

Basically, the fur industry and fur farming has had its day.  As the ambassador to the UK, you may (or may not) be aware that the UK was the second country (after Austria) in Europe to ban fur farming in 2000; something which we as an animal welfare organisation are very proud of.  This achievement strengthens our commitment to take up the side in defence of being voices for suffering animals.

Denmark adopted legislation in 2007 to improve the welfare of fur-bearing animals that included a number of welfare improvements for foxes on fur farms. In 2009, Denmark passed a ban on fox farming, with a phase-out period that lasted until 2017 for a majority of farms, and a longer period until 2023 for farms where the main income originates from fox farming.  Unfortunately; and to their shame; Denmark farms more than just fox animals for their fur – being ‘home’ to more than 1,000 fur farms.

The Danish fur industry had a reported turnover of almost $1bn (£750m) in 2018-19; with many furs being sold to the garment industry, but with also some being used in some false eyelash products, with China and Hong Kong in particular providing some of the biggest markets.

Danish animal rights groups such as ‘Animal Protection Denmark’ (APD) believe it is now time to follow the example of several other European countries and phase out the trade of animal fur and its farming completely.  We as an organisation give APD our full support and will continue to name, shame and expose to the world all the suffering of the fur industry which takes place on Danish fur farms.  As mentioned above; we have a large global audience who can continue to be informed of the wrongdoings of Denmark.

I suggest to you sir; that despite the ‘waffle and jargon’ put out by the Danish led fur industry and its farmers; you, as a nation (Denmark), are actually putting national financial gain way ahead of undertaking adequate animal welfare.  With a fur trade turnover of almost $1bn (£750m) and the sudden / proposed culling of over 17 million sentient fur bearing mink animals, how can you as a representative of your nation’s government deny to me that finance comes way before animal welfare ?

With these figures of financial profit and the mass murder of animals, we can only decree that in this respect, Denmark is a very sick nation.  With your undertakings in both fur farming and the mass killing of animals, be it farming or culling, you bring huge shame on yourselves; on the EU, and shame on the decent people of Denmark who are attempting to eradicate this ‘fur farming disease’ from your nation.

Covid-19 originally came from a wild animal, worked its way through disgusting ‘wet markets’ in the Far East; was then transmitted to humans and, later, passed on to farmed mink, before jumping back to a number of humans.

Several different mutations have been discovered in the virus found in mink that do not arise in humans. But one called “Cluster 5” is of particular concern, as at least 12 people are known to have caught it in Denmark. More than 200 other people have contracted other mink-related strains of the virus.  This sir, is all as a simple result of Denmark wishing to undertake massive fur farming.  It could easily be said that you, as a nation, are now reaping what you sowed many years ago.  The innocent farmed animals have now finally struck back; and you have no answers to this strike back; other than to do mass killings.  Why don’t you do something with long term positive results and ban fur farming ?

Scientists from Slaten’s Serum Institute in Copenhagen recently raised the alert after detecting mutations in strains of coronavirus found in mink.  “Mutation happens all the time, but once in a while these mutations happen in the spike protein,” said Prof. Anders Fomsgaard, SSI’s head of virus research.

That spike protein of the coronavirus is the target of some vaccines in development. “So we are a little nervous once we see mutations that change amino acids and the shape of this protein,” it was reported to the BBC.

Again; and I say clearly and openly; you are now reaping what you sowed all those years ago by undertaking fur farming, and your association and ‘very deep’ relationship with the fur business.

I close by telling you formally, here in writing, that we (WAV) as an organisation, will never stop exposing and reporting on the cruelties and suffering inflicted daily on millions of sentient animals in the Danish fur farming business. 

You, Denmark, as a nation have a simple choice; you can stop and abolish all fur farming and associations with the fur business; or otherwise continue to reap the bad national publicity (such as now) as you are getting from us and other organisations worldwide by simply continuing to associate Denmark with its allies in the fur trade.

The choice is a simple one; and we hope that you undertake the former and utterly abolish the trade.  If you do not; then you have a big fight in the future; and we are very happy to be part of that fight for those who have no voice; the fur bearing animals which you continue to cause suffering to each and every day.

Get back Denmark the respect that it truly deserves and do not associate yourselves with a barbaric and disgusting reputation of being one of the world’s major players in the fur farming and animal abuse business.

You have a choice – please make it the right one !


Mark Johnson

Co founder WAV.

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