If Only His Money Was Put To Good Use !!

The Plastic Nile — Sky documentary exposes the extent of Africa's waste  problem | Financial Times

Egypt: The Nile River is suffering from plastic pollution | World News |  Sky News

I watched today a very disturbing programme on the plastic pollution down the entire lengths of the White and Blue Nile rivers.  Microplastics which are in all the fish now swimming the Nile; caught and eaten by people; and the huge, massive plastic dumps on which cows, donkeys and goats are grazing to survive.  Tributaries of the Nile now completely clogged / blocked up with used plastic bags and just the largest amount of plastic bottles you will ever see.  Depressing, real depressing.

It was on ‘Sky’ – and here is the link in which you can see some of the devastation I witnessed in the programme.


Here is the trailer video for the programme – https://youtu.be/3Iz1OzZDgUw

“Fish in the Nile have no choice but to eat plastic”.

90% of plastic polluting our oceans comes from just 10 rivers | World  Economic Forum
UNHCR - Refugees in Egypt pitch in to fight plastic pollution in the Nile

The thing I find most depressing is that there are some world people who; given their financial status; could pump some money into solving eco disasters such as this.  Instead they become simple losers who do everything in their power to remain non-losers.  For weeks now we have watched with sadness and amazement, the things that one person will do to try and hold on to power; when the good people of the USA have enacted their democratic right and voted to rid themselves of the plague that currently infests the White House.

But, he, the ‘infestation’; is a global warming climate denier, does not give a damn about animals or the environment in general; yet seems to expect; or should that be ‘demand’, that people fully support him ?

He has money which could be put into fighting world climate and eco devastation projects; instead he pumps it all into keeping his own, and his families heads above water; attempting to preserve his status when the democratic right of the American people have told him to take a walk.

His fortune will not solve any eco problems the world has; which is very sad considering that if he really wanted to be ‘liked’ by a lot more; he could easily invest into campaigns to improve the planet and make it a better place rather than the eco disaster it is now rapidly becoming.  So, in my personal view; an idiot who will never get one ounce of respect out of me.  Respect has to be earned; I have learnt that throughout my life trying to be a voice for animals; and to me; he deserves not one ounce of respect; he is simply not even a spoiled rich-boy, or a greedy fat-cat; he is a Jabba the Hutt of privilege.

And worse, for me, being a Brit, he is that most unforgivable of all things to the British: a big time bully.

I think you can guess who I write about !

How the World's Mightiest River turned into the Plastic Nile

Below – From supporter ‘Climate Change Take Action Now’ who we thank for drawing this very important issue to our attention.  We are really an animal site; but like all people involved with animals; protection of the environment and the wonderful world we inhabit is all part of the same game.

Regards Mark – and give a shit when it comes to being a voice for the planet and for the environment.


Climate change: Europe’s melting glaciers | DW Documentary.

It is far too late to save the Alpine glaciers. And now, the dangers caused by tons of melting ice are rising sharply. Every year, climate change is destroying two of the currently 70 square kilometers of glaciers left in the Alps.

The permafrost in the Alps is thawing, and transforming what used to be sturdy slopes into loose screes. In addition, climate change is leading to significantly more extreme weather conditions every year, while heavy rainfall causes serious erosion. The result: avalanches and landslides like those in Bondo, Switzerland, or Valsertal in Austria.
In Switzerland, residential areas are shrinking as people are forced to leave their homes forever. The disappearance of glaciers as water reservoirs is already posing a major problem. Farmers in Engadine, who have been using meltwater for irrigation for centuries, are already facing water shortages. Last summer, they had to rely on helicopters to transport water to their herds in the Grison Alps. Above all, alpine villages depend on winter tourism to survive. Yet experts are forecasting that by mid-century, there will only be enough natural snow left to ski above 2,000 meters, which will spell out the end for about 70 percent of the ski resorts in the Eastern Alps. But instead of developing alternatives, lots of money is still being invested in ski tourism. Snow cannon are used to defy climate change, and artificial snow systems are under construction at ever higher altitudes. As usual, it’s the environment that is set to lose as the unique alpine landscape is further destroyed by soil compaction and erosion. Some municipalities are now working on new models of alpine tourism for the future. As global temperatures continue to rise, the cooler mountain regions will become increasingly attractive for tourists, especially in the summer.


A few glacier related issues we have covered on WAV in the past:

Switzerland: Pizol glacier: Swiss hold funeral for ice lost to global warming. – World Animals Voice

Tibet: Tibet sees 27.7 percent fall in glacier ice coverage, research finds. – World Animals Voice

Greenland’s Ice Has Melted Beyond Return, Study Suggests. – World Animals Voice

Environmental – The ‘doomsday’ glacier. – World Animals Voice

Climate Change Reconsidered: Science the U.N. Will Exclude from Its Next Climate Report – News on Climate Change


Climate Change Reconsidered: Science the U.N. Will Exclude from Its Next Climate Report.

“Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science” — produced by a team of 40 scientists — is the newest volume in the Climate Change Reconsidered series produced by The Heartland Institute and members of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC). As in previous reports, thousands of peer-reviewed articles are cited to determine the current state-of-the-art of climate science. This newest volume’s findings challenge the alarmist reports of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), whose next report is due out later this month. NIPCC authors paid special attention to contributions that were overlooked by the IPCC or that presented data, discussion, or implications, arguing against the IPCC’s claim that dangerous global warming is occurring, or will occur, from human-related greenhouse gas emissions.


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