Animal Testing in US: Regulatory Use and Routine Production

Terrifying: 111 million mice and rats annually for animal testing in the USA
Rodents, fish, and birds are not considered animals there

Mice and rats, the most common animals used in the laboratory, are not covered by the United States Animal Welfare Act and therefore do not appear in the official statistics of animals used for scientific purposes. A new analysis estimates that around 111 million mice and rats are subjected to animal testing annually in the United States.

The nationwide association Doctors Against Animal Experiments calls for better transparency of the animal experiment figures in the USA and in this country.

Most mice, rats, fish, and birds are not defined as “animals” in the American Animal Welfare Act since 1970.

Because of this, the numbers of these animals do not appear in the country’s official animal experimentation statistics, although mice and rats are the most commonly used in animal experiments.

“The United States plans to end all animal testing for regulatory purposes such as toxicity testing by 2035, which we clearly welcome. In order to be able to estimate at all whether the country is getting closer to this goal, one must at least know how many animals are used for experiments each year, ” says Dr. Dilyana Filipova, a research assistant at Doctors Against Animal Experiments.

A recent study at the University of California San Francisco looked at this problem and found that over 111 million mice and rats suffer annually in American laboratories, in addition to the 780,070 animals from the official statistics.

This includes dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, pigs, and sheep. The study author asked for information about the mice and rats used in experiments at 16 of the 30 best-funded research institutions using the Freedom of Information Act. In comparison to the approx. 39,000 “animals” defined in the Animal Welfare Act, around 5.6 million mice, and rats were used at these 16 institutes alone, which corresponds to 99.3% of all animals.

An extrapolation of this data using the animal numbers published in the annual statistics resulted in the staggering number of 111 million mice and rats.

According to the study, over 44 million of them were subjected to painful attempts that would be classified as “moderate” and “severe” in Germany.
Previous projections of global animal consumption for the research came to a total of 17.3 million for the US in 2005 and 14.6 million for 2015, based on the number of publications in relation to countries with known animal numbers such as the EU.

Worldwide, these studies came to 115.2 (2005) and 192.1 million (2015) animals, including those killed for organ and tissue removal.

“When the current study shows the figure of 5.6 million rats and mice in 16 American institutes alone, it becomes clear that the older projections are far too low,” says Filipova.

In Germany, 78% of the total number of 2.9 million animals recorded are rats and mice, while the American study assumes a proportion of 99.3%.

“It is not surprising when the life and death of animals that are not subject to the Animal Welfare Act and therefore not subject to official controls are dealt with much more laxly and there is greater ‘wear and tears’”, the biologist concludes.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that in the USA with at least 900 research institutions over 99% of all animals used for experiments fall through the cracks. The ability of rodents to experience pain and suffering has not been disputed in the scientific community for a long time, ” continued Filipova.

According to the official statistics of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, 2.9 million animals were recorded in Germany in 2019.

2.3 million of them fell victim to animal experiments and about 700,000 animals were killed for tissue and organ removal.

But here, too, there is a large number of unreported animals that suffer and die invisibly in German laboratories: almost all invertebrates, all animals bred in advance, and animals that are not used in experiments due to their age, sex, and genetic characteristics.

An estimate by Doctors Against Animal Experiments comes to about 4.35 million vertebrates that are killed annually unused in German laboratories without appearing in the official statistics.

Doctors Against Animal Experiments are calling for all animal species used for research to be included in the American Animal Welfare Act and Statistics as a minimal first step. In Germany, the number of “committee animals” must be recorded.

The association also demands from the federal government a well-founded plan to exit the “animal experimentation” system with specific milestones and deadlines as well as massive support for innovative, human-based, animal experiment-free research methods.

And I mean… humanity has not yet overcome fascism!
Rats are burned, pigs are suffocated. Mice have to swim for their lives to the point of exhaustion, dogs are broken bones, monkeys are poisoned.
In order to obtain single multiple transgenic animals, which is quite common in current practice, up to 54 animals have to die because they do not have the desired genotype – they are disposed of like garbage.
This “committee” quote underscores how disrespectful and undignified animals are treated and how they are merely degraded to disposable items.

Animals would have to endure all of this suffering under the “guise of research”, although animal experiments do not provide security, but rather resemble a lottery.
Only various branches of the economy benefited from these experiments, but not science and certainly not the patients.

95 percent of the results from the experiments are not transferable to humans.
One wonders how far a person must have sunk in order to inflict such damage on animals in any laboratory.
And these beasts live among us.

The politicians tolerate and support these criminals, who, by the way, should be punished, because the killing of the unwanted animals by the experimenter is a criminal disregard of the established animal welfare, which demands a “reasonable” reason for it.

“Vivisection is the greatest and meanest cultural disgrace of the present day, morally and intellectually it is to be equated with the delusional delusion of witch trials, and no people who tolerate it have the right to call themselves a people of culture.”
Manfred Kyber (German writer, 1880-1933)

My best regards to all, Venus

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