February 1: Dia de Galgos – Day of Shame for Spain

The hunting season in Spain is officially over on February 1st.

At the end of the season, thousands of hunting dogs lose their use and thus their raison d’etre every year.

Galgos, Podencos, Bretons, and other dogs.

Bred to be acquired by hobby hunters for precisely this purpose – and to be used for mostly one hunting season.

Then it will be disposed of again, as cheaply as possible.

From this, a terrible custom has developed, they are hung up, mostly in trees.

The “best” dog hangs highest, the others below.

Dogs that have proven to be less successful hunters are often made to “dance” out of mockery.

So panicked, the animals dance for hours (up to 2 days) from one rear paw to the other until they run out of strength in their legs and their air is choked off.

A cruel and long agony, full of fear and pain.

This procedure is called “playing the piano” by the hunters and these loyal and intelligent animals are humiliated to the point of death.

Most of the dogs that are found are half-starved, injured, and in dire need of medical attention.

This can be traced back to the custom of breaking the legs of the galgos before they are released.

This way they can no longer hunt and return home to their owners. Every year thousands are bred and forced to live their short lives neglected and hungry in small cages.

They are trained to run as fast as possible by being tied to moving cars.

So the brutal, painful massacre is repeated. Every year.

The hunters use the most barbaric methods to “get rid of” the innocent dogs they no longer need.

The 190,000 Spanish hunters who practice this cruelty each year consider dogs to be disposable items.

From this point of view, they breed the dogs excessively and uncontrollably. This negligence is followed by the massive killing and abandonment of the galgos.

The galgos, which turn out to be the best hunting dogs, are kept alive to serve as “reproductive machines” for the next generation of the following season.

Some Spanish animal rights activists are out and about these days, driving through rural areas, clattering forests, and trees, but when they find something they are almost always too late and cannot do anything more.

Our thanks and the greatest respect go to them.

Text: Animal welfare party (PARTEI MENSCH UMWELT TIERSCHUTZ)

And I mean…Spain is not just about sun, sand and sea, sangria and flamenco.
Spain is hell on earth for those who have no voice, whose agony is mocked in the ole screams of the arenas, whose cadavers rot in the stinking perreras that are hung on the cork oaks.

Abuse of animals is the order of the day in Spain, there are no limits to the perversity, but what can we expect from a country that regards bullfighting and bull spectacle as a culture, legalizing the abuse of bulls, where the Sunday excursion of the arch-Catholic Spaniards to a bullring after going to church is a matter of course.
Even from small children, they learn that torturing animals is a sensible, legitimate pastime.
Education in cruelty from childhood.

Corruption and nepotism rule, there are hardly any controls, the judiciary works slowly, and unsustainable conditions are repeatedly discovered in animal reception centers (Perreras).

The situation of the hunting dogs is particularly dramatic, they suffer like no other animal in Spain.Spain is now the only country in the European Union where hunting with Galgos is still allowed.
Galgos are drowned in wells, thrown into rivers, burned alive, or doused with acid. Some have their legs broken and then abandoned in the forest so that they cannot walk home.

Many of the dogs are not chipped. And even if they do, the Galgueros cut out the microchips before they “dispose of” their dogs. Many rescuers often fail to report such incidents because they fear retribution.

Hunting is a popular sport and acquiring a license to kill is easy. Everything that moves is blasted, trapping is also popular, a “real” Spanish man spends his free time in this way.

Centuries ago the galgos were a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Nowadays they are a symbol of abuse and for many Spaniards, it is a shame that something like this still happens and is tolerated in their country.

Perhaps one day our children can experience a world free from this sadistic bond, from this wretched, cowardly, and murderous hunter rabble, that has no place in a civilized society.

My best regards to all, Venus

5 thoughts on “February 1: Dia de Galgos – Day of Shame for Spain”

  1. 😡😡😡
    Stop met het martelen van dieren.
    Jullie moeten je schamen dit is geen uitnodiging voor mensen om in Jullie land vacantie te vieren. er wordt zeer negatief over Jullie land gepraat vanwege het martelen van dieren.
    Ook dieren voelen angst verdriet en pijn.
    Net zoals mensen. Dierenbeulen zullen een straf krijgen die zij niet kunnen oplopen.


  2. Never ever watch a race of dogs or any other animal that people want to hurt 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


  3. I really can’t believe that in 2021 century, this still happens, and no one can’t stop the Spanish government. We must find a way how to force there government to change the law. No one has a right to torture any animals 😢😞


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