Day: May 5, 2021

Germany: Rescued raccoon given for execution

The Chemnitz fire brigade was called to an unusual mission on Saturday. Apparently a raccoon was in distress.
According to MDR reporters, the animal had been attacked by crows and fled to a tree, where it remained in shock.

Feuerwehrleute holen in einem Wohngebiet einen Waschbären vom Baum runter.
Bildrechte: ChemPic

Residents then called the fire department. The comrades fished the raccoon with a noose from the treetop.
The animal was handed over to the hunting tenant.

The hunting tenant did not provide any further details on the animal’s whereabouts (!!)

Invasive species

The raccoon, originally from North America, has spread widely in Germany due to the lack of natural enemies.
“The small predator can decimate local populations of other animal species and is therefore on the Union list of alien invasive species of EU-wide importance,” says a publication by the Saxon Ministry of the Environment.

Raccoons are subject to hunting law in the Free State.

Captured animals may not be released back into the wild.
Only knowledgeable persons, such as veterinarians or hunters, are allowed to kill the animals.

And I mean…First saved and then delivered to the executioner.
Something like that could also be called fascism

My best regards to all, Venus