Day: May 19, 2021

Denmark: year of the Zombie-Minks

Millions of minks have been killed in Denmark due to a mutation in the coronavirus. Now the animal carcasses are causing a lot of trouble for the authorities.

Millions of furry animals hurriedly buried break out of their graves: What looks like a scene from a horror film is real in Denmark – and forces the government to act

For animal rights activists, it is one of the scariest side effects of the corona pandemic: by order of the Danish government, all 17 million farm minks in the country were killed within a very short time in November 2020.
Previously, more than 200 of a total of 289 mink farms had Sars-CoV-2 infections; Experts feared mutations that could act as a fire accelerator for the pandemic.

13 million animals ended up in incinerators, four million were hastily buried in mass graves in the west of the country.

Morten Stricker/Dagbladet Holstebro Struer/Jysk Fynske Medier/Ritzau Scanpix.

According to media reports, this is now taking revenge!

Because … Shortly after the animals were buried, the problems emerged – literally. Although the carcasses were at least three feet underground, putrefactive gases in some places caused them to come back to the surface.
The sandy bottom couldn’t prevent it.

The mass graves, which were criticized for their proximity to bathing lakes and groundwater reservoirs, have now become places of horror.

The Danish government has therefore ordered that the buried carcasses also be exhumed and cremated.

13,000 tons of decaying meat are exhumed

As the Danish news agency Ritzau reported, they should be burned in several stages.
In total, it is an estimated 13,000 tons of meat and bones.

The actual work should only start at the end of the month and drag on until mid-July. Only a test phase began on Thursday because none of the 13 waste incineration plants involved had experience with the mixture of mink carcasses, lime, earth and salt, according to the Ritzau report.
Authorities ask residents to keep the windows closed

The soil under the mink graves must also be removed and replaced, it said.
Only then can an end to the odor nuisance for residents be expected.

According to the Danish radio station DR, an employee of the Danish environmental authority advised people in neighboring towns not to have garden parties until the work was completed.
Leaving the windows open or hanging laundry outside is not recommended.

And I mean…For the mink-genocide in November 2020 of 17 Millions animals, it was said that the Danes had no other choice.
And of them, 4 million innocent, uninfected animals went underground in mass graves.

Now it turns out that this crime has contaminated the groundwater, although supposedly experts were at work!

Yes …apparently experts are steering this pandemic! Back to the ground again, a good signal for the destroyer and exploiter – the human animal!
The mink vampires climb out of the graves and will take revenge on us for everything we did to them.

Good thing.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: The Kingdom Is Safe ! – New Baby Ravens Named At the Tower of London Today.

tower of london
Photo – Getty

One of the Towers Ravens – Photo – Gettyimages

For our overseas visitors: Legend has it that when the day comes that the Ravens leave the tower (of London); then the tower will collapse.  Hence, the ravens of the tower are very special birds, and even have their own keeper – the Raven master.

So today, 19/5; there was a lot of pomp at the tower as the the female raven was officially named; to go with her new brother Edgar, named after Edgar Allen Poe, the famous Poet. She is called Branwen.

The British public had been invited to vote for the name of the raven chick at the Tower of London with five names on the shortlist- Branwen, Matilda, Winifred, Florence and Bronte.

Yeoman Warder Chris Skaife said: ‘We’re delighted to have two new chicks joining the raven community here at the Tower.  I hope that people around the world will help us to name our newest addition, and come and see them in person as they settle into their new home.’

Chris Skaife with Merlina
Ravenmaster Chris with resident raven Merlina – Chris Skaife photo

They were born to the Tower’s resident breeding couple, Huginn and Muninn.

The name Branwen refers to the deity from Celtic mythology, whose name translates as ‘blessed raven’. 

The new arrivals take the number of resident ravens to nine alongside, Jubilee, Harris, Gripp, Rocky, Erin, Poppy and Georgie.

The famous ravens are known as the guardians of the Tower and legend says the British kingdom and the Tower of London will fall if the six resident ravens leave the fortress.

Given there are currently nine ravens in residence, means there are plenty spare and the kingdom is safe.

Superstition dictates: ‘If the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.’

Charles II is thought to have been the first to insist that the ravens of the Tower be protected sometime during his reign between 1660 – 1685 after he was warned that the crown and the Tower itself would fall if they left. The King’s order was given against the wishes of his astronomer, John Flamsteed, who complained the ravens impeded the business of his observatory in the White Tower.

Protocol states there must be at least six ravens within the Tower grounds at all times, as well as one spare – an order that came from Winston Churchill after numbers fell to just one in the 1940s. With the two new baby birds, that makes nine – the required six, plus three spares.

The ravens | Tower of London | Historic Royal Palaces

A Beefeater and Merlin the raven at the Tower | Tower of london, Jackdaw,  England and scotland


Tower of London Facts | Mental Floss

Above – the tower of London

Phew ! – I can sleep safe tonight !

Regards Mark

Oh England, my Lionheart!
Peter Pan steals the kids in Kensington Park.
You read me Shakespeare on the rolling Thames–
That old river poet that never, ever ends.
Our thumping hearts hold the ravens in,
And keep the tower from tumbling.

Kate Bush – Oh England my Lionheart


WAV Comment – A wonderful lady who has literally changed the world. Congratulations to her with this award from MFA – so very much deserved.


Animal-protection organization Mercy For Animals will honor primatologist Jane Goodall with a Hope Award for her decades of animal activism.

On June 10, primatologist and animal activist Jane Goodall will receive the Hope Award from nonprofit animal-protection organization Mercy For Animals (MFA) at its annual Hope Gala hosted by vegan influencer Tabitha Brown. The virtual event will celebrate MFA’s 22nd anniversary by honoring leaders in animal welfare and the plant-based food industry. MFA will also award animal activist Erik Hastings with the Hidden Hero Award and Miyoko’s Creamery founder Miyoko Schinner with the Global Impact Award. 

The Hope Award recognizes Goodall’s 60 years of animal service that focuses on protecting chimpanzees and their habitat. Her work has inspired other animal advocates and everyone who cares about the planet and its inhabitants. “We are thrilled to honor the work of Dr. Jane Goodall, whose groundbreaking research has inspired people around the world to examine their relationship with animals,” MFA President Leah Garcés said. “Her dedication to animal protection and conservation inspires Mercy For Animals’ work to reduce suffering and build a compassionate food system.”


Goodall’s history of animal activism

In July 1960, at the age of 26, Goodall began her landmark study of chimpanzee behavior in what is now Tanzania. Her work at Gombe Stream National Park would become the foundation of future primatological research and redefine the relationship between humans and animals. Her unorthodox approach to research was to immerse herself in the habitat and lives of chimpanzees, allowing her to see them as individuals with emotions and long-term bonds. Goodall’s discovery at that time that chimpanzees make and use tools is considered one of the greatest achievements of 20th-century scholarship. 

In 1977, Goodall established wildlife conservation organization the Jane Goodall Institute to support the research in Gombe and focus on protecting chimpanzees from extinction. When she discovered that the survival of chimpanzees was threatened by habitat destruction and illegal trafficking, she developed a breakthrough approach to species conservation that includes the needs of local people, the environment, and the connection between humans and animals. In 1991, Goodall also founded global environmental and humanitarian youth program Roots & Shoots with a group of Tanzanian students to teach youth about wildlife conservation. Today, Roots & Shoots is active in more than 60 countries. 

Roots and Shoots –

At 87 years old, Goodall now focuses on traveling around the world, writing, speaking, and spreading hope through action. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lifelong activist created a video message to encourage people to rethink their “too close” relationships with wild animals. “We have amazing brains.

We’re capable of love and compassion for each other,” Goodall said. “Let us also show love and compassion for the animals who are with us on this planet. Let us all live in peace and harmony together.”

Jane Goodall to Receive Award for 60 Years of Animal Service. Here’s What She’s Done | VegNews

Regards Mark

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“THE GINGER PIG” Butcher shop redecorated again.

13th May, London UK-received anonymously over email:

” ‘The Ginger Pig’ have many stores across the city.

Last night, we made our way to their branch near Clapham Common. This area has recently had a lot of attention on it after the murder of Sarah Everard * at the hands of a police officer. Naturally, they swore more would plague the streets. Last night, their presence was definitely felt, we were feeling stubborn though.

After a series of close encounters, our target windows were in sight. And so was a delivery truck. Doors wide open, proudly displaying the cruelty that compelled us to be there. The additional delay wasn’t ideal but this came as a heavy reminder of what we were there to do and why we were there to do it.

No matter how many blue lights and sirens ripped through the sky, we weren’t going to be deterred. The slim possibility of being thrown into a van handcuffed felt very minimal in comparison to the animals’ certainty of being thrown into one bloody and dismembered.

Once the truck had fucked off and a comfortable amount of time had passed, we attacked.

Cops protect property not people but turns out they couldn’t even do that.”

And I mean…The 33-year-old * Sarah Everhard walked home on March 3 at around 9 p.m. after visiting a friend.
Days later, her body was found in a forest in Kent, and a police officer was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murder.
The alleged perpetrator in the Everard case is a senior police officer.

Everard’s case may be a special one, but it highlights a structural problem: instead of protecting women, police officers cover their colleagues.

We thank the brave actors

My best regards to all, Venus