Day: May 2, 2021

The secrets of the meat industry

As soon as we take the violence out of this fascist system – that is, stop eating animals – then this system would cease to exist.

That is why the meat industry goes to great lengths to hide its victims and their violent death.
The principle is simple: if we don’t see how this business works, we won’t question it either

Therefore: It is not the vegan that is perverse, but the system in which this fascism works

regards and good night, Venus

Freed Cornelius from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

In the lush spring of 2010 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, thousands of newly minted graduates walked the stage to receive their diplomas and left campus to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Elsewhere on campus that same weekend in May, away from the celebratory pomp and circumstance, a rhesus macaque named Cornelius was born in a barren laboratory at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC).

He’s been trapped there ever since.

Cornelius’ decade of life has been defined by loneliness and misery. Like most monkeys born in laboratories, he was taken from his mother when he was just an infant, as his mother was so distressed that she couldn’t even care for him.

As a newborn, he was given just an inanimate surrogate—perhaps a piece of fleece wrapped around a block of wood—to cling to for comfort.

As a baby, he suffered from a rash that covered his body and limbs. As a juvenile, he was plagued by persistent diarrhea—a sign of stress in monkeys in laboratories. He’s struggled to keep on weight, and experimenters have observed bald patches all over his body, likely from tearing out his own hair.

Checked out and passed around like a library book to various experimenters, including notorious Ned Kalin, Cornelius has endured a litany of assaults.

He’s been subjected to repeated blood draws and put under anesthesia numerous times—a frightening and disorienting experience for any animal.

On multiple occasions in 2019 and 2020, experimenters strapped Cornelius into a restraint chair.

He was used as a “semen donor,” which means that workers painfully electroshocked painfully his genitals until he ejaculated so that his semen could be used to breed more monkeys for lives of misery.

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South Africa: two white slaves are freed

South Africa: Lion sisters Alpha and Omega were separated from their mother as babies

The white lionesses Alpha and Omega were rescued in South Africa © Global White Lion Protection Trust

Big cats like lions belong in the wilderness, not in the arms of tourists – even if they are sugary and cuddly as babies. The rare white lionesses Alpha and Omega are a sad example of this: They had to be used for cuddling dates, photos and walks with people all their lives.
When it finally came to a tragedy, the fate of the beautiful animals seemed sealed – but at the last moment the sisters got a second chance.

Despite death: lionesses are exploited for years

Alpha and Omega were separated from their mother at an early age as a boy. In South Africa, cuddling with baby predators is a real industry: tourists allow themselves to be lured by the clumsy little ones, pay a lot of money to hold them in their arms and be photographed with them.

When the lion sisters got too old for this, their keeper used them for daily walks with visitors.
One day Alpha and Omega managed to break out of their enclosure. They killed a farmworker in the process.
But although lion experts such as the “Global White Lion Protection Trust” urgently warned against forcing the predators to continue tourist work, the tours continued.

The next tragedy was inevitable: two years later, the lionesses killed their owner on one of the walks.

Alpha and Omega were threatened with euthanasia. But at the last moment the “Global White Lion Protection Trust” stepped in: “These majestic sisters will stay together in a large, protected enclosure in their natural habitat. Wild packs will visit them regularly and they are surrounded by the natural ecosystem” says Linda Tucker, founder of the foundation, in “People” magazine.

The foundation does not usually keep white lions with them – their main goal is to protect and increase their small numbers in the wild.

But Linda hopes the Alpha and Omega story will serve as a wake-up call: “This first-pet-then-kill industry is an incredibly exploitative, mass-production of cute babies that are torn from their penned mothers after birth and passed from tourist to tourist to be cuddled for payment – and then disposed of, “she clarifies in” People “.
“It is nothing less than a global catastrophe.”


At least for Alpha and Omega, the days of exploitation are finally over. They are allowed to spend the rest of their lion life as it should have been from the beginning: without tight leashes and chains.

And I mean…First the slaves kill the wrong person.
It can happen when you’re out of practice.

But then they caught the right one!
Slave keepers actually have no right to exist in a civilized society.
But because they are under human rights, they are protected by their conspecifics and are allowed to keep other animals as slaves.

Alpha and Omega corrected that.

We are on their side and wish the two brave sisters all the best for their new life in freedom and dignity

My best regards to all, Venus