Day: May 28, 2021

Germany: 2 hunting towers destroyed

According to mainstream media reports, two Hunting towers were destroyed in Auringer Wald, Germany. A third one was found to have the ladder sneakily sawn in order to break when in use. From a local newspaper, hunter poses sad next to a destroyed tower.

The hunters report that the sabotage has costed them about 4000 Euros and that because the hunting towers cannot be insured, they will have to cover all costs.

The police reported they don’t have a clue about who the perpetrators could be.

And I mean…The hunters have offered a reward for catching the perpetrators.

Germans are indeed an informer nation, but even informers these days don’t even give a shit about two hunting towers.
The days of the hunt are numbered.

In the name of the animals, many thanks to the activists

My best regards to all, Venus

Australia: the Tasmanian devil’s comeback

The pouch devil (Sarcophilus harrisii), also known as the Tasmanian devil, has been the largest living predator since the extinction of the pouch wolf in the first decades of the 20th century.

Both species disappeared from mainland Australia thousands of years ago, but the latter was still able to persist on Tasmania.

Tasmanian devils have been born in the wild in mainland Australia, more than 3,000 years after they died out in the country.
Seven baby Tasmanian devils — known as joeys — were born at the 988-acre Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary in New South Wales, Australian NGO Aussie Ark said in an Instagram post on Monday.

Tasmanian devils died out on the mainland after the arrival of dingoes — a species of wild dog — and were restricted to the island of Tasmania.

Despite a strict protection program, the Tasmanian devil is acutely endangered. This is mainly due to a contagious cancer.
The disease is contagious.

It is transmitted through bites, which are common during the mating season or when the animals are fighting for food. Individual cancer cells reach the partner or opponent and can settle there. The animals, which can be up to 70 centimeters long and weigh twelve kilograms, are terribly disfigured by facial cancer.

Many die in agony because they can no longer eat because of the ulcers in their mouth and throat.

Aussie Ark identified the tiny joeys in the mothers’ pouches.

Since the emergence of cancer, the devil population has shrunk dramatically – by about 80 percent, as experts report.
They feared that the Tasmanian devil might become extinct.

But now it’s done: Seven Tasmanian devil babies – known as Joeys – were born!!

Devilishly loud and stinky

Conservationists rate the Tasmanian Devil reintroduction program as “historic,” similar to the return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in the US in the 1990s.
Tasmanian devils are known for their extremely loud growls, powerful jaws and dogged turf wars.
This, together with the body odor, which is very unpleasant when aroused and its black color, earned it its devilish name.

Aussie Ark plans to settle more Tasmanian devils in the sanctuary in the coming years, which is fenced off to ward off voracious enemies and to protect against traffic.

“We’ve been able to historically — albeit in its infancy — return the devil to mainland, and today is another milestone entirely,” Tim Faulkner, president of Aussie Ark, said in a video posted on Instagram.

Faulkner said it was a “monumental” moment in rebuilding Australia’s ecosystem.

“This release of devils will be the first of many,” he said. “We’ve bred nearly 400 joeys, and we’re at the point now that we’re able to harvest some to return to the wild.”

The settlement of pouch martens, nasal sacs and rock kangaroos is also planned. (red, APA, May 26, 2021)

And I mean…“We never saw the wild devils,” Tim Faulkner says. “So getting to know them meant that we had to have exemplary observational skills. If we tried to look at a female every day and bothered her in doing so, we could compromise breeding, and breeding is the goal. So we had to figure out how to assess the welfare of the individuals without actually seeing a single devil.”

By honing their observational and husbandry skills, Devil Ark keepers have successfully increased the population of devils to 180 individuals, putting the facility at capacity. Devil Ark now aims to double its population to 360, with the ultimate goal of someday returning these animals to a wild habitat free of Devil Facial Tumor Disease.
These efforts mark the difference between a future for this species and its otherwise likely demise.

A project that makes animal rights activists’ hearts beat faster ??

Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and the re-introduction will help re-balance the ecology that was damaged by the introduction of invasive predators.

My best regards to all, Venus

Spain: A Photographer Exposes the Unbearable Cruelty of Pig Farming

A pig suffering from a neck abscess, at a farm in Castilla-La Mancha. Abscesses—caused by bacteria entering the body through skin lesions—and hernias are among the most striking physical abnormalities that can affect the health of pigs in intensive farms. © Aitor Garmendia

A Photographer Exposes the Unbearable Cruelty of Pig Farming

By Ellyn Kail on May 26, 2021

In 2018, the animal photojournalist Aitor Garmendia and his colleague, the undercover investigator Linas Korta, happened upon a Spanish pig farm while working on a story about slaughterhouses. When they approached, they found the entrance of the farm marked by a container of corpses, and together, they opened the lid. 

Inside, surrounded by dead bodies and excrement, they discovered a single living piglet, weeks old and trembling. They wrapped his shivering body in their clothes and rushed him to the vet. He died hours later. 

Continue reading at:

A Photographer Exposes the Unbearable Cruelty of Pig Farming – Feature Shoot

Dead pigs lie in a container on a farm in Castilla-La Mancha. According to RENGRATI, a Spanish government research project, sow mortality on farms ranges from 5.4 percent to 10 percent, and that of non-weaned piglets from 10.6 percent to 16.5 percent. © Aitor Garmendia

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England (London): First-Ever Vegan Sausage Roll Vending Machine Launches In UK – Giving Out Free Vegan Sausage Rolls to Celebrate ‘National Sausage Roll Day’.


Vegan Sausage Roll Vending Machine
‘They’re so flavorsome even meat-eaters will think we’re telling porkies!’ Credit: Meatless Farm

First-Ever Vegan Sausage Roll Vending Machine Launches In UK

Vegan Sausage Roll Vending Machine Debuts In UK | Plant Based News

The vending machine will give out free vegan sausage rolls from Meatless Farm to celebrate National Sausage Roll Day

A vegan sausage roll vending machine is launching in the UK

Created by plant-based brand Meatless Farm, the machine will debut in the South Bank area of London.

Vegan sausage roll machine 

It will dispense free vegan sausage rolls from 11.30 am – 7 pm on June 5 to celebrate National Sausage Roll Day. 

“Our sausage rolls have a herby sausage filling that is made using pea protein to create a meaty, succulent texture and taste,” Meatless Farm said

“[They’re] so flavorsome even meat-eaters will think we’re telling porkies! 

“Each sausage roll has a perfectly crisp and flaky puff pastry which will have even the die-hard sausage roll fans jumping for joy.”

Plant-based factory

Earlier this year, Meatless Farm announced it’s opening a plant-based factory in Canada

The brand launched a dedicated plant protein ingredients subsidiary dubbed Lovingly Made Ingredients. It will provide its global supply of textured plant protein and ‘expand into broader external supply operations’.

Lovingly Made Ingredients will operate out of a new flagship plant protein facility in Calgary, where it will be the first of its kind on this scale. Moreover, Meatless Farm describes the move as one of its ‘biggest investments to date’.

It has invested an initial $12 million in its manufacturing infrastructure with the 30,000 sq ft plant. By 2023, it will have the capacity to produce up to 14,500 tonnes of plant protein ingredients. 

The vegan sausage roll vending machine will be located at Observation Point, 56 Upper Ground, South Bank 

A brilliant way to convert even more to plant based !

Regards Mark