Day: May 26, 2021

Meat and dairy industry gets a lesson!

Report: Animal Equality Germany

Good news! Europe has withdrawn the planned censorship of plant-based milk alternatives. A huge success for animal suffering-free nutrition!

After a final decision on Amendment 171 was a long time coming, there is finally some great news:

The EU Parliament has listened to the voices of almost half a million people and rejected the controversial Amendment 171.
With this application, agricultural associations called for the marketing of plant-based dairy products to be restricted to such an extent that it would have been almost impossible to advertise them as an alternative to dairy products.

What was touted as consumer protection by the agricultural associations of the dairy industry was clearly only one thing for many of us and consumer advocates: sheer harassment of the agricultural lobby to put obstacles in the way of increasing sales of plant-based dairy products.

We say, raise your cups and toast this decision with you with a glass of oat milk – which unfortunately has to be officially still called oat drink.

And I mean…The agricultural lobby with this absurd attempt to slow down the growing market for vegan products has failed for the first time.

Otherwise, the milk and meat mafia is used to the fact that their allies in the EU Parliament and especially in the EU Commission decide according to their requirements.

This seemingly unimportant debate about something like product names has existed for one simple reason: business interests.

The agricultural industry is seeing its influence waning because fewer and fewer people want to eat processed animal corpses or products made from animal products.

That is why the industry has always tried to deceive consumers and put happy animals or names such as “farm” and “nature” on the packaging of animal products – so that it is distracted from suffering and death.
We take one step at a time, but many steps slowly but surely bring us and those we fight for on the path to success.

My best regards to all, Venus

Brazil: Intelligent – Two honeybees work together to lift the top off a bottle of Fanta – Amazing !

Would you bee-lieve it? Two honeybees work together to lift the top off a bottle of Fanta

  • The honeybees join forces in order to open a bottle of Fanta in São Paulo, Brazil 
  • The bees position themselves on either side of the bottle and push the cap off
  • Previous study shows drinking sugar water allows bees to enter a positive state

Watch the video at:  Two honeybees work together to lift the top off a bottle of Fanta  | Daily Mail Online

This is the incredible moment two honeybees join forces to open a bottle of Fanta.

Footage captured in São Paulo, Brazil, shows the two bees position themselves on either side of the bottle and use their legs to push the cap up.

Just moments later, the bees manage to lift the top off the bottle of sugary drink and watch as it falls onto the ground.

Regards Mark

The two honeybees join forces in order to open a bottle of Fanta in São Paulo, Brazil
The two honeybees join forces in order to open a bottle of Fanta in São Paulo, Brazil
The bees position themselves on either side of the lip
The bees position themselves on either side of the bottle and manage to lift it off
The bees lift the top off the bottle

Netherlands: ‘The climate has won today’ – Shell ordered to cut CO2 emissions by 45% in landmark climate case.

The campaigners outside the court in The Hague.   –   Copyright  Milieudefensie

‘The climate has won today’ – Shell ordered to cut CO2 emissions by 45% in landmark climate case

Multinational oil and gas company Royal Dutch Shell has been ordered to reduce its CO2 emissions by 45% in a landmark legal case.

Today, a panel of judges in a lower court in The Hague ruled that the company’s policies on the matter were too vague.

It said the reduction must happen by 2030.

The lawsuit was filed by the environmental organisation Milieudefensie voor Veranderaars (Friends of the Earth Netherlands), alongside other major charities and thousands of co-plaintiffs.

The case is unique in that no compensation is being demanded from the company. Instead, for the first time in history, Shell is being asked to issue a policy change.

“This is great news for all of us, ourselves and our children,” a spokesperson for Milieudefensie told Euronews Green.

“Shell will adjust its policy so that it will also emit less CO2 in real-time. It is not up to the judge to say how Shell should do this, but the company will not be able to continue pumping as much oil and gas as they do now.

“Even if Shell decides to appeal, the ruling will lead to more cases worldwide and politicians and oil and gas companies will feel the pressure to change their course.”

There were tears of joy outside the court from the Milieudefensie team.

“This statement is going to change the world,” said Roger Cox, Milieudefensie’s lawyer.

“People around the world are ready to sue oil companies in their own country, following our example.

“And not only that. Oil companies will become much more reluctant to invest in fossil fuels, polluting fuels. The climate has won today. “

However, for the Dutch-British company, the ruling is only legally binding in the Netherlands

Lawsuit against Shell

Today’s verdict comes after Milieudefensie began putting the case together 2018 – together with six other organisations, including Greenpeace, and more than 17,000 co-plaintiffs. The first hearings started in The Hague in December 2020.

“Shell is the biggest polluter in the Netherlands. The company emits nine times as much CO2 as the entire Netherlands combined. Shell has known since the sixties that the use of oil and gas are harmful to the climate,” reads a statement from the organisation.

According to Milieudefensie, only four per cent of all Shell’s investments go to sustainable energy. According to the environmental organisation’s experts, Shell has a responsibility not to harm both society and the climate

Since Shell itself does not accept this responsibility, Milieudefensie, together with its co-plaintiffs, decided to go to court.

“We see that Shell is not changing on its own and continues to cause dangerous climate change,” Nine de Pater, Campaign Director for Climate Case Shell, tells Euronews Green.

“After trying many different ways to convince Shell to take a greener course, the only option left for us was to get them forced by a judge. Shell must now comply.

“The problem of the climate crisis is too big to wait for the big polluters to do something. Shell is responsible for causing dangerous climate change, and as long as Shell is doing that, we will continue our fight against it.

“The science is very clear on this: CO2 emissions must be reduced and there is no more room for new oil and gas projects,” de Pater adds.

Andy Palmen, interim director of Greenpeace Netherlands, described today’s decision as “a historic victory,” after the verdict was announced.

“Shell cannot continue to violate human rights and put profit over people and the planet,” he said.

“This verdict is a clear signal to the fossil fuel industry. Coal, oil and gas need to stay in the ground. People around the world are demanding climate justice.

“Today the court confirmed that the fossil fuel industry cannot continue their climate pollution. We can hold multinational corporations worldwide accountable for the climate crisis.’”

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Russia: animal tamer mangled by lioness in the circus


The situation on Saturday became very precarious for a Russian circus trainer. He was locked in a cage with two lionesses when one of the two attacked him.

The family performance of a Russian circus turned into an absolute horror experience for the visitors. Two lionesses were in a large cage with the tamer Maxim Orlov at the performance.

When he was inattentive for a brief moment, one of the lion ladies, Vega attacked, lunged at Orlov and seared her teeth deep into his leg.
For a moment he was able to push the lioness back, but shortly afterwards she attacked him a second time and injured his arm.

Mass panic broke out in the tent

The attack caused mass panic among the audience, and one pregnant woman even suffered an epileptic seizure (!!!)
Screaming children and scared parents made their way out of the tent.

Only with the use of long, pointed poles could the lioness be pushed back and the trainer leave the cage. The man escaped only limping severely and with deep flesh wounds, he was taken to a nearby hospital.
Nevertheless, the circus would like to continue to introduce live wild animals

Calls for a ban on live wildlife circus performances grew louder after the attack, part of a long series of similar events in Russia.

However, it does not seem as if the trainer intends to do without exotic animals in the future. Orlov commented on the incident in the hospital: “Such cases are extremely rare, but animals remain animals. We are already in negotiations with a zoo, maybe we can exchange our lioness for a little lion cub. The circus wants to negotiate with zoos”, said the animal trainer.

Animal rights activists demand a ban on animals in circuses

The attack was sharply criticized by animal rights activists. It was called for a ban on live animals in Russian circuses. Many people are also in favor of a ban.

“How many similar cases are there to come before people stop seeing wildlife suffering as entertainment for children,” one person said. Another said: “This is wild animal cruelty.”

Please sign the Petition:

And I mean… Both slaves were never allowed to lead a free, self-determined life.

The hour of vengeance has come – the press wants to sell it as horror scenes

So next time Vega has to expand her targets and hack as many circus fans as possible because they are the owners’ accomplices who finance their slavery

My best regards to all, Venus