Day: May 14, 2021

England: Hunter’s band seriously injured hunt saboteur

A member of Manchester Hunt Saboteurs was nearly killed by badger baiters in the Little Lever area of Bolton last night.
The sab was checking on badgers when he disturbed a gang of five thugs digging out a known badger sett.
He was then set upon, viciously beaten, and left for dead.

It is believed that spades and other digging implements were used in the attack. When he came to, he was thankfully able to make his way back to the road and call friendly locals who rushed to his aid.

The sab is in good spirits but has sustained very serious injuries that will require plastic surgery and dozens of stitches to the head.

Badger baiting – which has been illegal since 1835 – involves badgers being torn apart by multiple dogs.

Typically, terriers are sent into a sett to attack the badger underground, while the baiters use spades and crowbars to dig down to the fighting animals. Once the badger is exposed, it is pulled out and set upon by larger dogs.
The badger suffers an agonising fight to the death and the dogs, too, frequently sustain terrible injuries.

Manchester Hunt Sabs commented:

“To say we are angry would be an understatement, but we are incredibly proud of the bravery shown by our sab last night. Thanks to him the baiters abandoned their plans and fled the area. This sett will be watched closely from now on.”

HSA Press Officer Lee Moon added:

“As hunt sabs we get used to violence from animal abusers but the savagery of this attack has shocked us. These baiters clearly intended to kill this brave man and he’s extremely lucky to survive. He has our admiration for his bravery and we’re frankly in awe that he was willing to put himself in such a dangerous position to protect these badgers.

Fox hunters, hare coursers and badger baiters are all cut from the same cloth. They’re people who daily commit acts of violence against wildlife and are equally happy to use violence against those who try and stop them.

And I mean…The gangs are mostly working-class guys in their twenties. They use social media like Snapchat to organise digs and share pictures.

These people are very brutaly and guarded.
They don’t care if the animals they kill suffer; they’re just killing them for sport and fun.

What they are doing is just horrific.
To these people, killing animals is a sport – the more brutal, the better.

Generally badger baiters don’t take their dogs to vets with their injuries because that would be recorded and reported; so they stitch up their wounds themselves.
They are valuable dogs for hunting and breeding so they’re a commodity to them and they’ll protect the commodity but they don’t have any concern about the feelings of the animal.

And they’re quite happy to dispose of them once they’re no longer a useful commodity.

Those who are not afraid to brutally massacre animals also lose the feeling of humanity.
Hunting leads to bestiality and dehumanization

My best regards to all, Venus

There was no Hollywood ending for Tai

💔 Her death comes after decades of abuse, confinement, and forced appearances in films and TV shows.

After being captured from her family as a calf, Tai was eventually sold to her abusive handlers at Have Trunk Will Travel.

They beat her with bullhooks and used electric shocks to force her to perform. She was carted around the country to dozens of sets, including ‘Water for Elephants,’ ‘George of the Jungle’, and HBO’s Westworld.

In 2005, an undercover investigator for Animal Defenders International (ADI) obtained damning footage of elephants being brutally trained by HTWT workers — the workers beat and prodded the elephants with bullhooks, and shocked them with stun guns, to get them to perform tricks.
In one section of the footage, one of the older female elephants, ( it was Tai who also performed in the recent episode of “Westworld”), cries out when she’s zapped with the stun gun on her sensitive skin.

CGI, animatronics, and so many more humane technologies exist—Hollywood must ban using real animals in film and TV!

The video also shows trainers repeatedly torturing and mocking the animals while teaching them choreographies and poses for the show.
The elephants look confused and scared. They are powerless at the mercy of the chains and bumps that are used to prepare them for their scenes in film or television.

A trainer is seen violently handling a baby elephant who is clearly scared and struggling.
The trainer mocks the elephant by using a metal hook to push it into sensitive areas of the body such as the trunk.
The elephant begins to cry and other elephants watching it do the same.

According to the comment in the video, the elephants are chained for up to twelve hours if not exercised. They will then have no way of moving or relaxing.

One of the elephants in the video is a female named Tai.
She was being prepared to appear in the aforementioned episode of the Westworld series. This means that she has been suffering from the conditions shown in the video for over ten years.

Torture tools for elephants

“Have Trunk Will Travel has exhibited some of the most vicious and sadistic treatment of elephants, including babies, that I have seen on film in my over 30 years as a wildlife behavioral biologist,” Toni Frohoff, an elephant biologist with In Defense of Animals (IDA), told “The Dodo”.

“There is no excuse or justification for abusing elephants like this, nor for mishandling a helpless baby’s sensitive trunk, as is shown.”

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 

And I mean… when The Dodo approached HBO for comment, a spokesperson noted that “none of this video was shot during the production” and claimed the ADI footage “does not in any way reflect practices on our sets.”

“All of the animals featured on HBO series are treated with the utmost care and respect for their health, safety and well-being,” the HBO spokesperson told “The Dodo”.

“A certified animal safety representative from American Humane was present at all times during any animal action on the set of ‘Westworld.’
The AHA has confirmed that the animals were well-treated, and the production received the designation of ‘No Animals Were Harmed.’

A common trait of all unscrupulous animal exploiters is to deny video recordings, even though they clearly document reality. That is also the case with the slaughterhouse investigations.

And if all the tricks and lies don’t work, then the animal abusers speak of an absolute exception, or from an “inexperienced” employee.

The best way to stop performing animals for entertainment is to not endorse productions that use them. We can vote with our wallets by not attending circuses and other forms of entertainment.

And maybe making the names and addresses of the animal abusers public on the Internet, that could also help a lot

My best regards to all, Venus