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South Korea: April Newsletter – Fighting the Dog Meat Trade – Actions and News.

Korean Dogs latest newsletter – please click here to read and take actions:!_New_Call_for_Action__&utm_medium=email

Watch the video and take actions as required by the above link;

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7 Favourite children’s books with a message of kindness towards animals.

7 Favourite children’s books with a message of kindness towards animals.

Kids love animals. So it’s no surprise that the vast majority of children’s books feature animals as the main characters. Unfortunately, many of these books still refer to animals as something, rather than someone—so finding animal-themed books that teach respect for animals is crucial to nurturing our children’s natural love of animals.

I sat down with a few parents at Mercy For Animals to find out their favorite kids books that inspire compassion for animals. Here are our top picks:

Here Are 7 of Our Favorite Children’s Books With a Vegan Message (

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The Top Countries for Vegans in 2020, According to Google.

The Top Countries for Vegans in 2020, According to Google

  • Hannah Bugga
  • January 28, 2021

According to analytics tools Google Trends and Google Ads, the pandemic has only increased the popularity of veganism! In fact, Chef’s Pencil reports, data from Google Ads reveals that vegan-related searches in 2020 were up 47 percent from the previous year. Top searches include “vegan recipes,” “vegan cheese,” and “vegan restaurants.”

Using Google Trends, we can dive in for a closer look and compare the popularity of search categories around the world to find the countries with the highest concentration of vegans. Some of the places may surprise you!

Check out the top countries for vegans in 2020, according to Google:

The Top Countries for Vegans in 2020, According to Google (

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Wales / England Borders: Millionaire Trophy Hunter, 68, is Caught Boasting how he helped to Shoot 13,000 Doves over Four Days on trip to Argentina. Pity His Money Cannot Be Put To Good Uses.

BOASTS: Rob Weir (left), who boasted about helping to kill 13,000 doves and blasting a baboon, poses with a dead buffalo in 2017
BOASTS: Rob Weir (left), who boasted about helping to kill 13,000 doves and blasting a baboon, poses with a dead buffalo in 2017

Millionaire trophy hunter, 68, is caught boasting how he helped to shoot 13,000 doves over four days on trip to Argentina – as pressure grows on UK government to implement long-promised ban on the deadly sport

In phone call with undercover investigator, businessman Rob Weir recounted a £2,800 hunting trip

Mr Weir said: ‘There were five of us – one of them was a lady – and we shot 13,000 doves over four days’

Mr Weir owns H. J. Weir Engineering, one of world’s largest manufacturers of industrial laundry machines

He also said: ‘The very first time I went out there I wanted to shoot a baboon. I had a thing about shooting a baboon, I don’t know why but I did’

Read the sickening story by visiting:

Millionaire trophy hunter is caught boasting how he helped to shoot 13,000 doves | Daily Mail Online

Makes me sick to be British in this instance;

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South Africa to ban breeding lions in captivity for hunting. But, “Legal regulated hunting of the iconic species under the regulatory environment will continue to be permitted,”. Hmm !

South Africa to ban breeding lions in captivity for hunting

South Africa to ban breeding lions in captivity for hunting (

Susan Njanji

Pretoria – Environment Minister Barbara Creecy on Sunday revealed plans to ban the breeding of lions in captivity for trophy hunting or for tourists to pet, advocating a more “authentic” experience for visitors.

The decision was in response to recommendations contained in a government study into the controversial practice.

The panel studied the rules governing the hunting, trade and keeping in captivity of lions, elephants, rhino and leopards.

Creecy told a news conference that the study recommended a halt to the “domestication of lions through captive breeding and keeping.”


SA tourism body calls for ban on captive lion breeding

Petition calls on Cyril Ramaphosa to halt big cat breeding

SA tarnished by abusive captive lion industry on World Lion Day, says watchdog

“We don’t want captive breeding, captive hunting, captive (cubs) petting, captive use of lions,” the minister said.

The decision, which is yet to be formulated into policy, is likely to set the government on a collision course with the powerful multi-million-dollar industry of captive lion breeding.

The minister said the recommendations were not aimed at stifling the hunting industry.

“Legal regulated hunting of the iconic species under the regulatory environment will continue to be permitted,” she said.

But the report urged a stop to “tourists’ interaction with captive lions, including cub petting”, Creecy noted.

The practice of hunting lions raised in captivity has long been controversial in South Africa, where a large number of animals are confined to pens ringed with electric fences.

Campaigns to ban the importation of captive-bred lion trophies have in recent years gathered steam in the United States, Australia and several European countries.

The minister said the tourism industry was susceptible to negative perceptions.

“The intention here is to ensure that those who are interested in… authentic wildlife hunting” will have such an experience and “will not be hunting animals that have been taken out of the cage,” she said.

South Africa counts between 8 000 and 12 000 lions at some 350 farms, where they are raised for hunting, tourism and academic research, according to estimates by wildlife groups.

They are also raised for their bones, used in medicine and jewellery in Southeast Asia, according to wildlife charities.

By contrast around 3 500 lions live in the wild in the country, according to the South African-based Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The global animal charity World Animal Protection hailed the government’s decision as “courageous”.

“Thousands of farmed lions are born into a life of misery in South Africa every year in cruel commercial breeding facilities,” said Edith Kabesiime, World Animal Protection’s campaign manager for Africa.

“This is a win for wildlife” and will ensure that “lions remain where they belong — in the wild,” she said.

Louise de Waal, director of the award-winning documentary feature film “Blood Lions” exposing the trade, said she was “extremely happy” at the government’s decision.

The panel also recommended the phasing out of captive rhino breeding and an examination of the future use of rhino horn stockpiles.

Home to about 80 percent of the world’s rhino population, South Africa has long attracted poachers, but it also counts more than 300 private rhino breeders.

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USA: Bill Aimed at Killing 90% of Idaho’s Wolves Headed to Governor’s Desk – Major Action Required NOW.

The Center for Biological Diversity do such a fantastic amount of work and legal challenges for the wildlife of the entire USA; they really do deserve as much support as you can give them.

Lots of good news, and actions for you to take, here at:

Center for Biological Diversity

For Immediate Release, April 27, 2021

Contact:Andrea Zaccardi, (303) 854-7748,

Bill Aimed at Killing 90% of Idaho’s Wolves Headed to Governor’s Desk

New Law Would Allow Hunters Unlimited Wolf Kills, Year-Round Trapping on Private Lands

BOISE, Idaho— The Idaho House of Representatives today approved a bill allowing the state to hire private contractors to kill up to 90% of Idaho’s wolf population of approximately 1,500 wolves.

“If this horrific bill passes, Idaho could nearly wipe out its wolf population,” said Andrea Zaccardi, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Unless we can stop this from becoming law, decades of progress towards wolf recovery will be lost.”

In addition to hiring private contractors to kill wolves, Senate Bill 1211 would allow hunters and trappers to kill an unlimited number of wolves, run down wolves with ATVs and snowmobiles, and trap year-round on all private land across the state. The bill will also increase annual funds for wolf killing by the Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board from $110,000 to $300,000. Created in 2014, the Board uses taxpayer dollars and other funds to kill wolves.

Bill proponents assert that wolves kill too many elk and livestock. But wolves kill less than a fraction of 1% of Idaho’s livestock annually, and elk population numbers are above management objectives in most of the state.

As a result of today’s 58-11 approval, Gov. Brad Little must decide whether to sign the bill into law or veto it. If this bill is signed into law, the Center will be considering next steps to protect Idaho’s wolves and wildlife, which may include legal action.

“Governor Little must veto this cruel and disastrous bill,” said Zaccardi. “Idaho’s state wildlife agency should be allowed to continue to manage wolves, not anti-wolf legislators dead set on exterminating the state’s wolves. We’re going to do everything we can to fight for the survival of wolves in Idaho.”


The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 1.7 million members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.

Regards Mark – Please take as much action via the site link given above as you can.

England: Something Better.

I just get a feeling that this week, judging by what has arrived by e mail this morning; is not going to be a ‘nicer’ week.

So I thought that would start with some friends who visited the garden over the weekend; this little fox (one of around 4 who visit) is the youngest, and understandably, cautious. But he is getting some treats and gradually we are getting his confidence more all the time.

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Then there are ‘Red Legged Partridge’

Fingers crossed there will be some good news this week.