Russia: animal tamer mangled by lioness in the circus


The situation on Saturday became very precarious for a Russian circus trainer. He was locked in a cage with two lionesses when one of the two attacked him.

The family performance of a Russian circus turned into an absolute horror experience for the visitors. Two lionesses were in a large cage with the tamer Maxim Orlov at the performance.

When he was inattentive for a brief moment, one of the lion ladies, Vega attacked, lunged at Orlov and seared her teeth deep into his leg.
For a moment he was able to push the lioness back, but shortly afterwards she attacked him a second time and injured his arm.

Mass panic broke out in the tent

The attack caused mass panic among the audience, and one pregnant woman even suffered an epileptic seizure (!!!)
Screaming children and scared parents made their way out of the tent.

Only with the use of long, pointed poles could the lioness be pushed back and the trainer leave the cage. The man escaped only limping severely and with deep flesh wounds, he was taken to a nearby hospital.
Nevertheless, the circus would like to continue to introduce live wild animals

Calls for a ban on live wildlife circus performances grew louder after the attack, part of a long series of similar events in Russia.

However, it does not seem as if the trainer intends to do without exotic animals in the future. Orlov commented on the incident in the hospital: “Such cases are extremely rare, but animals remain animals. We are already in negotiations with a zoo, maybe we can exchange our lioness for a little lion cub. The circus wants to negotiate with zoos”, said the animal trainer.

Animal rights activists demand a ban on animals in circuses

The attack was sharply criticized by animal rights activists. It was called for a ban on live animals in Russian circuses. Many people are also in favor of a ban.

“How many similar cases are there to come before people stop seeing wildlife suffering as entertainment for children,” one person said. Another said: “This is wild animal cruelty.”

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And I mean… Both slaves were never allowed to lead a free, self-determined life.

The hour of vengeance has come – the press wants to sell it as horror scenes

So next time Vega has to expand her targets and hack as many circus fans as possible because they are the owners’ accomplices who finance their slavery

My best regards to all, Venus

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