Meat and dairy industry gets a lesson!

Report: Animal Equality Germany

Good news! Europe has withdrawn the planned censorship of plant-based milk alternatives. A huge success for animal suffering-free nutrition!

After a final decision on Amendment 171 was a long time coming, there is finally some great news:

The EU Parliament has listened to the voices of almost half a million people and rejected the controversial Amendment 171.
With this application, agricultural associations called for the marketing of plant-based dairy products to be restricted to such an extent that it would have been almost impossible to advertise them as an alternative to dairy products.

What was touted as consumer protection by the agricultural associations of the dairy industry was clearly only one thing for many of us and consumer advocates: sheer harassment of the agricultural lobby to put obstacles in the way of increasing sales of plant-based dairy products.

We say, raise your cups and toast this decision with you with a glass of oat milk – which unfortunately has to be officially still called oat drink.

And I mean…The agricultural lobby with this absurd attempt to slow down the growing market for vegan products has failed for the first time.

Otherwise, the milk and meat mafia is used to the fact that their allies in the EU Parliament and especially in the EU Commission decide according to their requirements.

This seemingly unimportant debate about something like product names has existed for one simple reason: business interests.

The agricultural industry is seeing its influence waning because fewer and fewer people want to eat processed animal corpses or products made from animal products.

That is why the industry has always tried to deceive consumers and put happy animals or names such as “farm” and “nature” on the packaging of animal products – so that it is distracted from suffering and death.
We take one step at a time, but many steps slowly but surely bring us and those we fight for on the path to success.

My best regards to all, Venus

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