Germany: 2 hunting towers destroyed

According to mainstream media reports, two Hunting towers were destroyed in Auringer Wald, Germany. A third one was found to have the ladder sneakily sawn in order to break when in use. From a local newspaper, hunter poses sad next to a destroyed tower.

The hunters report that the sabotage has costed them about 4000 Euros and that because the hunting towers cannot be insured, they will have to cover all costs.

The police reported they don’t have a clue about who the perpetrators could be.

And I mean…The hunters have offered a reward for catching the perpetrators.

Germans are indeed an informer nation, but even informers these days don’t even give a shit about two hunting towers.
The days of the hunt are numbered.

In the name of the animals, many thanks to the activists

My best regards to all, Venus

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