France: Psychopaths on the construction hunt

A dangerous investigation, undercover in a hunting crew underground-Report of the French organization “One Voice”

We managed to infiltrate the very closed environment of underground hunting in the spring of 2019.

As part of a Hauts de France crew, our investigators witnessed several massacres: that of badgers and fox cubs.
They attended the search for foxes in this basement of Hauts-de France for hours.

Accepted by the huntsmen, they filmed the abominable spectacle that unfolded before their eyes, so that the unvarnished reality bursts into the faces of those who allow this cruel hunt.
For everyone, too, kept in the impossibility of imagining what is hidden in the woods of France by simple ignorance!

When the French learn that underground hunting is allowed, they want to ban it. Now they know as precisely as possible what this means for the animals concerned.

Unearthing, an unbearable horror

In France, foxes can be dug up and slaughtered all year round, including during the breeding season. This sadistic practice leaves no chance for animals.
Our investigators have infiltrated this dangerous and opaque environment, to testify to killings that are cold in the back.

Three newborn fox cubs are hunted down for hours until they are beaten and bitten to death, in front of minors.
Abroad, this would be the subject of a report to child welfare.
Here, a little boy in kindergarten and a preteen will witness the massacre.

Worse, the 12-year-old is an “apprentice”, encouraged to kill.
We express to the Defender of Rights our concern about the harmful effects on children exposed to such violence.

The bodies of the fox cubs will end up buried, thrown like garbage at the bottom of the hole with dozens of cigarette butts.
Respect for wildlife and ecology in hunter style …
The prefectural decrees extending the rights of hunters are constantly attacked, but constantly renewed… that’s enough!

The terrifying way in which these three fox cubs were put to death is the tip of the Iceberg: the hunters do not even obey the regulations governing the practice.

More than 500,000 foxes are persecuted each year. In reality, this figure is close to a million!

#JAimeLesRenards! Let’s ban unearthing, let’s write en masse to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition!



And I mean…During the construction hunt, a so-called earth dog or construction dog has the task of driving the fox out of its burrow.
The fox has no chance: if it escapes, the hunters waiting outside will shoot it or just injure it.

If he stays in the den, he has to face the dog. This often leads to biting, in which the dog and fox as well as existing puppies are seriously injured or killed.
If neither dog nor fox give in, the hunters dig up the burrow. Eventually the fox is shot, beaten to death or torn to shreds by hunting dogs.

Construction hunting is also in Germany one of many animal cruelties in fox hunting.
It is exercised – legally – when the heavily pregnant vixen is expecting her young in the burrow or – illegally – when the vixen with her puppies that are a few days or weeks old is tied to the den.

The cruelty and brutality of the psychopaths who call themselves “hunters” seem to know no bounds. In Germany too.
Half a million foxes are murdered in Germany every year.
The brutality of building hunting is not only a talent of the French, in Germany it is exactly the same or very similar

It is hard to undestand how a country like Germany, that claims to have the best animal welfare law in Europe, allows a heavily armed minority of 0.45% of the population to do whatever they want in the forests.

One should take a good example from our neighbor, Switzerland, where construction hunting is prohibited in many cantons.
The canton of Zurich completely banned construction hunt in 2020, the neighboring canton of Thurgau was the first to have banned construction hunt in 2017.
There has been a general hunting ban in Geneva since 1974.

Although Switzerland has never claimed to have the best animal welfare law in Europe, as the Germans preach it.

My best regards to all, Venus

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