Day: July 24, 2021

Sweden: milk from potatoes is on the market!

The Swedish food innovators from Veg of Lund and Professor Eva Tornberg from Lund University recently developed and launched an innovative potato-based milk alternative (DUG®).

The product brings Veg of Lund closer to its goal of helping more people live a plant-based lifestyle that benefits their health, society and the future of the planet.
The company’s products are designed to make it easy for everyone to choose an uncompromising, plant-based, tasty and sustainable option.

In particular, the Swedish company is committed to environmental sustainability and minimizes its climate footprint through efficient land use, low water consumption and low carbon emissions.

The company’s products also play a major role here.

According to Veg of Lund, potatoes dug out of the ground are the perfect basis for a milk alternative thanks to their ingenious properties (tasteless, very nutritious and super sustainable).

In addition, potatoes are naturally free from common allergens such as those found in soy, nuts or wheat products, which are often used as the basis of many milk alternatives on the market.
Due to its “free from” status, DUG® was recognized as the best allergy-friendly product at the latest World Food Innovation Awards 2021.
It was also awarded a “Highly Commended” in the “Best Herbal Drink” category.

DUG is available in 3 delicious variants: Barista, Original and Unsweetened. It was recently launched online (June 2021) at, Navesu, and Amazon.
Negotiations are also ongoing with several food retailers.

And…We are very happy about the new product!
It’s nice if we can soon enjoy our cappuccino with potato milk.

My best regards to all, Venus

US: In New Tiger Park the crimes against animals continue

It may feel like the events of Netflix’s documentary “Tiger King” were ages ago, and that the dramatic abuses of both human and animal life have been resolved — Joe Exotic is locked up, his horrific Greater Wynnewood (GW) Exotic Animal Park shuttered, and his criminal partners Doc Antle and Jeffrey Lowe facing charges for various offenses of dealing with and exploiting vulnerable wild animals without proper permitting, licensing, or care.

The psychopath “Tiger King” -Joe Exotic

But even though he is tied up with the law, Jeffrey Lowe has continued to exploit, abuse, and neglect animals that were transferred to his care when Joe Exotic was sentenced to prison time.

Even though the GW Eoxtic Animal Park was closed, Jeffrey Lowe took its poor imprisoned animals to a new “Tiger King Park” — shamefully named, no doubt, in order to capitalize off of the documentary — where unthinkable cruelty continued.

Sign the petition and demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) save each and every animal from Tiger King Park! If it comes to it, President Biden must get involved!

Luckily, the big cats at Tiger King Park were recently saved from their lives of misery under Lowe’s imprisonment.

Lowe was found to be in violation of the Endangered Species Act for many reasons after USFWS and USDA inspections, which led to the seizure of 69 big cats.

Tiger King: 39 Tiger gerettet und in Auffangstationen gebrachtRescued big cats from the Tiger King Park

The Justice Department described them as “harmed and harrassed.”

Specifically, many of them were underweight. Some were riddled with worms. Their paw pads were rubbed raw, irritated and deteriorating from completely unsuitable enclosures which also caused lesions and ulcers on other parts of their bodies.

And those were the cats that were saved.

One USDA inspector noted that three young cats, babies just under a year of age, died from malnutrition before they could be rescued from the Tiger King Park, and two others “died under suspicious circumstances during the same time.”

And now, news of the continued and rampant animal abuses towards the poor creatures left behind at Lowe’s facility come from an investigation by the animal welfare non-profit SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness, or “SHARK”.

Rescued big cats from the Tiger King Park

You see, the big cats were able to be rescued since they are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act. But many, many other animals still imprisoned there are not so lucky.

SHARK decided to take drone footage of the Tiger King Park after federal authorities left because they had a feeling Lowe would not stop his cruelty.

And they were right. Horses, ponies, goats, wolves, primates, tortoises, lemurs, emus, foxes, and even a camel — the list goes on and on — were filmed in deplorable conditions.

Someone was rarely present to care for the many animals.

The property was littered with garbage, “used cans of oil and bleach,” and worst of all — decaying animal carcasses, piled high and shimmering with flies.
The shelters and enclosure appeared barren and rundown; the camel on the property was filmed lying flat on a dirt floor, straining its poor neck under a metal fence to try and get the blades of grass just beyond its reach.

SHARK president and founder Steve Hindi wondered, “If the camel was really being properly and adequately fed, why does he need to do that?”
Neighbors of the park noticed that some of the animals have literally been let loose, left to fend for themselves instead of being properly cared for — a porcupine, peacock, and albino raccoon were all observed in this way.

Jeffrey Lowe clearly will not stop abusing, exploiting, and neglecting animals for as long as he is allowed to keep them.
That’s why the USFWS and USDA must not stop at saving the big cats from Tiger King Park — they need to remove and save every single creature from Tiger King Park and stop the suffering!

Sign the petition and demand that U.S. leaders including President Joe Biden see that Tiger King Park be completely shut down, and all of its animals rescued!

And I mean...Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joe Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced to 22 years in prison in January 2020 for an assignment to murder and violate animal welfare regulations.

During his tenure as the owner of the Zoss Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, he has done some horrific deeds.
He is said to have hired a hit man to kill Baskins, an animal rights activist with whom he had a long-standing feud.
A project that he did not succeed.
Baskin and her organization Big Cat Rescue accused the criminal private zoo owner of serious animal cruelty.
In addition, Exotic is in jail for further offenses, as he is accused of mistreating his animals, among other things.

Although its owner is behind bars, the zoo continued to operate and reopened its doors in early May 2020 after being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeff Lowe

Joe Exotics former business partner Jeff Lowe had taken over the responsible company Greater Wynnewood Development Group, though a federal court in Oklahoma City awarded Joe Exotic’s big cat zoo to animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

After years of litigation, Baskin has taken over the six-acre facility south of Oklahoma City. However, the animals are not included, they have to be relocated.

Carole Baskin

Rick Kirkham, producer who worked with Exotic for several months, says: “I saw with my own eyes how he shot two tigers for no reason just because he was mad at them. Exotic threw live chickens into the cages of the big cats when he was having a bad day.

“He was just like that. He enjoyed seeing people and animals suffer. He truly enjoyed it,” recalls Kirkham.

In addition, a former employee raises serious allegations against the self-proclaimed Tiger King.
He is said to have brutally killed at least 100 tigers.
The sadist is also said to have hit baby tigers if they misbehaved.

Please sign the petition.

Experience has shown several times that when the pressure from us, from the public, becomes strong, the authorities do their duty and finally take action.
These animals only have us.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: 24/7/21 – Vegan Bites.


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Setting The Record Straight on the Dolphin “Smile”. Also The ‘Taiji Dolphin Hunt’ (Japan).

Our Head of Wildlife, Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach Sets the Record Straight on the Dolphin Smile

This month, we’re releasing a new video titled Breaking the Myths narrated by Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach, our Global Head of Wildlife Research and Animal Welfare.  

Jan is an expert on the captive dolphin industry and the author of our report, Behind The Smile. In the video, Jan addresses a common misconception that dolphins smile. We don’t want to give too much away so watch now!


Nicole Barrantes  

Wildlife Campaign Manager

World Animal Protection

PS Looking for more information? Read our Behind the Smile report published in 2019 


With the Summer Olympics currently taking place in Japan; is it not time to remember what Japan does to dolphins each year, re thee Taiji Hunt ?

Here are a few past links (all under one heading – take your picks to view) of ours (WAV) relating to this massive disgraceful abuse of very intelligent animals.:

Search Results for “Taiji” – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark

Pictures: the Taiji Hunt, Japan.

Lebanon: After 10 Years, Bears Homer and Ulysses Rescued from Zoo!

From our wonderful animal buddies at ‘Animals Lebanon’

Bears Homer and Ulysses rescued from zoo!

For more than ten years, these two Syrian brown bears were trapped in a zoo in southern Lebanon.

After seeing their poor conditions, we could not leave them. The bears were kept separate in small empty cement cages. One had a tooth painfully protruding through his lip requiring medical care. They were both malnourished and underweight.

The only way to free them would be to convince the owner that animals deserve better. We could not give up, but we also knew that with all the problems in Lebanon reaching the owner would be the only way to save them.

Finally, the owner understood and agreed to turn Homer and Ulysses over to Animals Lebanon so we could send them to a sanctuary.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado agreed to take both bears and provide them with as natural of life as possible. The sanctuary cares for more than 650 lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other animals – including a fox and wallaby rescued by Animals Lebanon.

Four Paws agreed to assist with the care of the bears and help with the cost of the trip to the sanctuary.

A first attempt was made to get them to the sanctuary. But the collapse of Lebanon, government resignation, roadblocks, protests, and banks freezing assets forced their trip to freedom to be delayed.

A second attempt was made and flight scheduled, then coronavirus and COVID restrictions closed the Beirut airport. Their trip was again forced to be rescheduled.

Finally everything fell into place!

The airline was booked. Transport trucks arranged. Paperwork finalized. Four Paws veterinarians here to help. Officials on standby.

Only late the night before the flight did we get final confirmation – the trip, their freedom, was happening!

More wild animals trapped in zoos or kept as exotic pets need your help.

Weighing more than 130 kilograms, the bears were darted to sedate them. Then a quick medical check before being moved into large metal transport crates. It took nearly three hours of work, but the bears were finally loaded onto the air conditioned truck and we drove to the Beirut airport.

The bears flew from Beirut with Emirates, then transited Dubai before landing in Chicago. After all of the formalities and paperwork they were driven to the sanctuary.

Homer and Ulysses have now been released into temporary holding enclosures within the habitat so they can acclimate and their health can be assessed. They will then be released into a 103 acres (416,000 m2) enclosure where they can roam free with other bears.

Their rescue was only possible because of your support! Thank you to everyone who helped make this journey possible! The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Four Paws, Emirates, Karmagawa, and all of our supporters who so generously donated.

Your support is our lifeline – and for many animals the only hope. Homer and Ulysses are now in their new homes, but the other wild animals still need our help.

Donation – Animals Lebanon – Donate

For local donations please email

Result !!

Regards Mark