Day: July 21, 2021

Tradition must not be a reason to torture animals

Part of a changing, forward-looking society is to question and discard outdated and bad traditions.

These 10 animal torment events around the world must be stopped immediately.

1. Fire bull -“Toro Júbilo”, Spain

In the small Spanish town of Medinaceli, torches prepared with black pitch are tied to the horns of a bull once a year in November for the “Toro Júbilo Festival”.
Then the bull’s head is lit on the horns.

With the burning flames on his head, which sear hair and skin, the organizers drive the suffering, panicked bull through the narrow streets.

Sometimes the so-called fire bulls burn for hours and, in unsuccessful attempts to extinguish the flames, run their heads against stone walls and lamp posts.

A sticky black substance made of tar or turpentine is placed over a bull’s head and set on fire before it is chased into the street.

2. Cruel Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China

Despite the pandemic, which can be traced back to the unsanitary and cruel conditions in live animal markets, the infamous dog meat festival was held again in Yulin, China, in 2021.

Thousands of dogs are brutally killed at the festival in order to sell their meat and make leather from the animal skins.
The dogs are kept in tiny wire cages before being either cremated alive or killed with bludgeoning on the head between July 21st and 30th.

The suffering dogs do not always die directly, some animals experience their throats being cut when they are fully conscious.

Products made from dog leather, which comes from the cruel Yulin Festival, among other things, are exported all over the world.
It is often not clear which species of clothing and other articles of daily use made of leather are.
The only way to avoid animal suffering is to use leather alternatives that are free from animal suffering.

The dogs are killed and made into food or leather.

3. animal massacre, Gadhimai Festival, Nepal

EEvery five years at the Gadhimai Festival in southern Nepal, up to 200,000 water buffalo, pigs, sheep, donkeys and goats are rounded up in a sacrificial rite for the Indian deity of the same.

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Denmark: New Footage Emerges Of 2021 Pilot Whale Murders. 175 Whales Killed This Year; Nothing Changes !

Well, the Danes are not showing themselves as an animal caring nation.  Very recently we had the mass Mink murders associated with fur farming and Covid; – and yes, we have never had a response to our letter – Denmark: Still No Response From The Danes Regarding Our Letter of 12/11/20. That’s Life – Or Death, If You Are Danish Mink ! – World Animals Voice

Go here  About Us. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) and scroll down until you see the pictures of the pilot whale murders.  Around 1991 Joanne, myself and Trev took to the streets in England demanding that supermarkets boycotted fish products from the Faroes because of this slaughter.  You can see a picture below of us taken by the press / media.

Tesco terrors

So here we are in 2021, some 30+ years later, and the murder is still taking place.  This year it has been 175 innocent, wonderful, intelligent pilot whales.  One could say whales that are much more intelligent than the brain dead human murderers who hack them to bits for what ?

I was angry about it 30 years ago; and I still am.  Nothing has changed, apart from the reputation of Denmark sinking even lower into the mud than it was already

Here is footage I have just had through about the 2021 murder:

I wanted to show this to you; with the news that nothing has changed for a very long time !

Regards Mark