Day: July 20, 2021

England: Badger Homes and Winter Wonderland – 2 Videos To Watch About the Best In Animal People.

I want to finish the day with something good.

Y’know;  people will give up a lot of their time to help animals.  I am always amazed what some will do, regardless of their own circumstances.  For around 15 years I campaigned to get a voice for Serbian stray cats and dogs.  Check out the site which is still going, at Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless 

Here are a couple of videos which I want to share with you, and which I think supports this dedication.

I have always campaigned and opposed the Badger cull in England.  Here the badger is a protected species, unless the government decides they are going to be killed !  Now that we have badgers come to visit every night in the garden, and being able to view them ‘in the flesh’ so very regularly, my opposition to the cull and anything associated with it has become even stronger.

The first video shows group of volunteers from the SW of England constructing an artificial badger sett in the grounds of a local school.  Here are their own words:

An opportunity arose at the school to create an artificial sett for badgers currently living under an old scout hut on the site, which is going to be replaced in the near future. The school felt it was important to look after their badgers so we stepped in to help them create a new artificial sett so that the children could continue to enjoy sharing their school with the badgers and learn all about them too.

The second – It goes back to 2009 but is still a great video.  Hillside is a charity located in East Anglia, England, funded entirely by public donations.  It is a typical English winters day, but in the video you can see the peoples dedication that I have spoken about.  Enjoy the ‘Winter Wonderland; for the animals at Hillside, free from the cages and cruelty which they may have suffered at before their  deployment Hillside.

In their own words:

A short film showing some of our rescued animals being cared for on a snowy day at Hillside. To help Hillside or for more info, please see:… Filmed on 21st December 2009 by John Watson from Hillside.

Enjoy !

Regards Mark

UK: 20/7/21 – Update On Horse Slaughter – Programme Shown On BBC TV. Watch On iplayer, But May Only Be For UK Viewers. ? Try Links At End.

I have given a couple of links to the programme at the end.

If you are NON UK then please try these to view. I dont know if you can view or not elsewhere in the world. I am keen to know if NON UK visitors can view. Please let me know with a short and simple response in our comments – thanks, Mark.

(Mark WAV) – Yesterday, 19/7, we issued a post relating to a Panorama tv broadcast on the BBC (yesterday evening) on horse and race horse slaughter investigation.

Link –

Here is additional news in today (20/7) from Animal Aid:

Dear Mark,

We know it isn’t easy to see or read about animal cruelty – so we really appreciate you taking the time to read this email. Having such wonderful supporters helps to keep us going.

Animal Aid’s ground-breaking investigation into horse slaughter was featured exclusively on BBC1’s Panorama last night, The Dark Side of Horse Racing. Our harrowing footage reveals, in heart-breaking detail, the fate of those horses who find themselves ‘unwanted’. 

Arriving at the abattoir either singly from private owners – or in large truck loads – we see nervous horses being led to a kill room, shot in the head and then hoisted into a butchery where their throats are slit: The majority of the meat is destined for human consumption.

Animal Aid investigators worked tirelessly to film this incredibly distressing footage, showing the slaughter of 267 horses and ponies, between October 2019 and February 2020.

Some of these animals would have once been much-loved companions. A number were from the horse racing industry, whilst others seemed to be from managed feral herds. We saw ponies shot in front of one another – and, disturbingly, our cameras even captured the slaughterman swearing at scared, anxious horses.

We have launched a petition, calling for basic measures to protect horses from this fate. This includes a government-imposed limit on the number of horses bred each year, to reduce the number of ‘unwanted’ horses. We can stop this pointless suffering – but we need your help!

Please sign the petition:

Introduce national limits on horse breeding – Petitions (

Please share our films:

Animal Aid’s Horse Slaughter Investigation – Animal Aid

Please make a donation:

Animal Aid: Make a donation (

Help us to keep the pressure on and make real progress for horses.

No animal should have to face slaughter – please take action and be their voice.

Thank you.

Campaign Manager

If you missed the programme then can watch it here – but note this is only for BBC Tv I player and may not be visible to non UK residents.  We will try and get a copy of the footage when we can

BBC One – Panorama, The Dark Side of Horse Racing

Or try this link; it may work ???

A gamble – sorry but out of my control.

Regards Mark

Beyond Meat Launches Online Store To Make Plant-Based Meat More Accessible In China. Great, But What About Wet Markets Still Operating in Their Hundreds ?

WAV Comment – This is great news for the animals who will be spared death by the meat industry. But what about the wet markets that are still operating ? – read more at SINGAPORE TO BAN THE SALE AND SLAUGHTER OF TURTLES AND FROGS IN WET MARKETS. News From Animal Equality – Breaking 20/7/21 – World Animals Voice regarding Singapore. China dumped Corona on the world, killing hundreds of thousands; and still the world sits idly by annd lets it continue to operate wet markets !

Beyond meat is great, but what about ‘Beyond Wet Markets’ – the world really needs to get a grip on this or the virus spread situation will never stop all the time we see what is going on. Watch the video below – look at the state of these places and the general conditions; the state of the water; the blood running onto the street, people working with dead animals on the pavement; and no protective clothing rules or at all. Is it any wonder that viruses originate from shit holes like this ?

Am I the only one who sees a problem ? – an I the only one who feels that international governments are doing very little to address the real problem ? – am I the only one who sees gutless politicians spending billions to keep the economy afloat, whist turning blind eyes to this ? – I am ‘Beyond Angry’, not beyond meat !!.

Regards Mark

Video from Animal Equality – see the link above to read more.

Beyond Meat Launches Online Store To Make Plant-Based Meat More Accessible In China

Since its debut in China just 15 months ago, the brand has grown exponentially and shows no signs of stopping….

Beyond Meat has launched an online store in China in order to make plant-based meat products more accessible.

It follows the brand’s continued expansion in the country in recent years.

Plant-based meat store

The store was launched on the eCommerce site, one of China’s largest of its kind. Now, customers will be able to purchase the Beyond Burger, Beyond Beef, and Beyond Pork.

Moreover, it marks the first time customers will be able to directly purchase the pork alternatives for the first time.This came after the product was specifically designed for the Chinese market – at 50 percent less saturated fat than conventional ground pork.

The range is produced in the company’s newly opened facility in Jiaxing.

A ‘growing portfolio’

Candy Chan is Beyond Meat’s China General Manager. In a statement, Chan said: “Beyond Meat is excited to launch its store on to expand our local availability and reach consumers throughout China. 

“With increased capabilities thanks to our new manufacturing facility in the JXEDZ, we are able to offer a growing portfolio of great-tasting, locally-produced plant-based meat products that are nutritious and sustainable.”

Beyond Meat

The launch comes less than a year since Beyond Pork debuted in China. Initially, it was available at a handful of restaurants. The decision came since the country is the world’s largest consumer of pork per capita.

Moreover, Beyond Meat has been available in China for just 15 months when it entered the market through a partnership with Starbucks China.

Currently, only customers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen can purchase the products.

However, the brand says it has plans to soon expand into 300 cities across the country.


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Hi all; we have been getting some very positive news about wet markets through from Animal Equality.  We have thrown everything into one post here – although you may read some things twice, this just because we have provided all the information from various mails we have had in.

The videos are worth a watch if you can stomach them.  I will tidy this up later when there is time – things are arriving en masse now.

Regards Mark


Hi Mark,

I have good news for you: We’re starting to see the first steps of progress in phasing out live animals at wet markets!

Here’s a quick reminder of the events leading up to this:

Animal Equality first exposed the reality of cruel and dangerous wet markets ​​at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. These live animal markets were still relatively unknown to the general public at the time.

Our investigative team returned to these horrific places in May 2021 and discovered that nothing had changed despite claims of shutting down operations for safety. Wet markets were still a threat to human health and causing unimaginable suffering for animals.

Thanks to this investigation, we were able to show the brutality of these markets and launched an international campaign to demand their closure. The petition received overwhelming support, collecting nearly 600,000 signatures.

In April, the World Health Organization called for a ban on the sale of live wild mammals in food markets worldwide to prevent the emergence of new diseases.

And just a month ago, I delivered your signatures to world leaders at the United Nations asking for a ban on the sale of all live animals at wet markets.

Mark, now here’s the exciting update I have for you:

The Parliament of Singapore has spent a year reviewing legislation concerning the safety and welfare standards of animals sold for food in wet markets. As a result, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has confirmed a ban on the sale and slaughter of turtles and live frogs.

This is one of the biggest animal protections made in Singapore’s history.

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