UK: 19/7/21: Horse Slaughter – Exclusive Tonight: Animal Aid’s Undercover Investigation on BBC One’s Panorama.

Dear Mark,

At long last, we are able to share with you an Animal Aid investigation, which will be featured exclusively on BBC One’s Panorama tonight (Monday 19 July) at 8.30pm. You may have seen pre-broadcast coverage in newspapers and on the radio today.

Our world leading investigations team were able to film inside a UK abattoir that slaughters horses and ponies.  Their cameras captured, in heart-breaking detail, the final moments of hundreds of these innocent animals, who, finding themselves unloved and unwanted, were shot in the head. We witnessed a wide variety of equines being killed in this place – from tiny ponies to Thoroughbred horses from the racing industry.  The meat of these gentle animals is destined for human consumption.

We do not know the exact content of the programme, but we do know it will use some of our undercover footage and will reveal some shocking information about how many horses from the racing industry face slaughter in abattoirs.

We are asking three things of you today:

1          Please watch Panorama on BBC One tonight and ask everyone you know to do the same

2          Sign our petition to the government which calls for a limit on the numbers of horses being bred each year. Fewer horses produced means fewer horses having their lives taken from them in an abattoir.

3          Please keep an eye on our social media pages while the programme airs and help to amplify our message impact by sharing our posts and tweets

No animal should face slaughter.

Campaign Manager

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