Day: July 28, 2021

Animal testing

“The usefulness of animal experiments – real or supposed – is not an ethical argument at all: there are many things that would be useful but are nonetheless immoral and forbidden, for example human experiments.” (Helmut F. Kaplan- Austrian animal ethicist)

Yes! we agree

Regards, Venus

Spain-animal transports: “We cannot be in the queue on an issue like this”

Posted on 07/27/2021 by Sonia Crespo

Overcrowded, sick and without water, what are the most common violations of the transport of animals in Spain?

Animal Equality has submitted allegations to the Royal Decree on the transport of animals prepared by the Government.

The main demand requested is the detention of the export of animals outside the European Union for not being able to guarantee their welfare.
The transport of injured or sick animals, in obsolete boats, long waits under extreme temperatures or lack of water or food, are some of the infringements of EU legislation that are observed regularly.

Animal Equality has just presented allegations to the Public Consultation Proposal prior to the modification of the Royal Decree on Animal Health and Protection Standards during Transport called by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

We reviewed with the executive director of the Animal Equality Foundation, Silvia Barquero, what is the current situation of animal transport and what are her allegations.

The main one of these requests is to stop the trade and export of live animals outside the EU.

Reports from the European Commission, Animal Welfare Foundation investigations and their own, certify that the application of European legislation on the protection of animals during transport has been completely deficient in Spain for 30 years.

“We cannot be in the queue on an issue like this,” says Barquero.

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This Is ‘Bed’ In A Battery Cage. Outlaw Them Now – Stop the Abuse and Suffering !

Imagine never being able to rest or get comfortable, night after night, day after day… 24/7.

For animals in factory farms, lockdown is for life.

Mexico: Huge Victory For Slaughterhouse Legislation – Read The Great News Here.

Hi Mark,

There is more historic progress for animals to celebrate!

Today, I’m writing to you with great news coming from Mexico, and its impact is more far-reaching than you might think.

The problem of intensive farming and slaughterhouses is so widespread that it’s necessary to take strategic global actions to fight it effectively. Animal Equality is based in eight countries all over the world for precisely this reason.

For example, our team in Mexico is committed to pushing its institutions to enact laws to protect animals raised and killed for food, and we’ve worked for years to get results like what I’m about to tell you:

The Congress of the State of Puebla has approved a bill banning unregulated slaughterhouses and the slaughter of animals without stunning with overwhelming, almost unanimous support.

Thanks to this resolution, which comes after a series of meetings Animal Equality had with government authorities, more than 100 million animals will no longer be brutally killed in illegal facilities without stunning.

Read the news here:

This reform will impact countless animals and brings us one step closer to a world in which all animals are protected.

Puebla, Mexico to Outlaw Unregulated Slaughter of Animals (

In a historic move for animal protection, Puebla, Mexico voted to pass a law that will criminalize unregulated slaughterhouses (also known as “backyard” or “underground” slaughterhouses) and slaughter at live animal markets. The new law will also make it illegal for land animals in the state to be slaughtered without being stunned prior.

Under the new law, which was passed after Animal Equality Mexico participated in talks with various agencies of the Government of Puebla, any unregulated slaughter operations will be shut down and anyone caught slaughtering an animal without prior stunning could face one to four years in prison and a fine.

Following Jalisco, Puebla slaughters the most animals in Mexico and approximately 70 to 80 percent of the meat comes from unregulated slaughterhouses. This reform will impact countless animals and is the second initiative of this type, after a similar ban was put in place in Jalisco in 2019.

The horror of backyard slaughterhouses – video:

But that’s not all.

All unregulated slaughtering operations will be prohibited and sanctioned, and violators of the new law will face criminal charges with a prison sentence of one to four years. 

This is not the first time that a state in Mexico has approved such a revolutionary reform because of our efforts.

In 2019, following our investigations inside several Mexican slaughterhouses, the state of Jalisco approved a historic reform of its criminal code and adopted new laws to protect more than 200 million animals raised for food in the area.

This means that in just three years, our work in Mexico has impacted more than 300 million lives!

These victories show that institutional change is possible thanks to the investigative work and political pressure of Animal Equality and our supporters.

Billions of farmed animals suffer every day without the ability to defend themselves. We have the power and the responsibility to demand they are protected under the law.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about the work we’re doing around the world to expose what slaughterhouses try to hide from you.

In solidarity,

  Sharon Núñez President

P.S. Mark, the Mexican state of Puebla has approved a law that prohibits unregulated slaughterhouses and the slaughter of animals without stunning. This is a huge step forward that will impact the lives of more than 100 million animals!

Read the historic news.

Regards Mark

Lopburi: monkeys conquer city in Thailand

In the videos that are circulating on the Internet, two large groups of monkeys can be seen attacking each other and terrifying commuters at an intersection.

As the monkeys continued their fight, people were seen waiting on motorbikes and cars while some tried to avoid the commotion, fearing they might get involved in the fight.

The insane incident took place near Prang Sam Yot, in front of Phra Kan Shrine in Lopburi, a popular tourist destination in the country that is home to thousands of monkeys.

Food was very difficult for the monkeys to find due to restrictions keeping tourists out of town and a lockdown that kept even most of the locals in their homes.
It appears that hunger led to the struggle between the two groups.

“Monkey fights are common in Lopburi. It’s not unusual. It’s about the power struggle, the food struggle, the fertilization of the females, “ said a spokesman for the Department of National Parks.

He said it was impossible to stop the monkeys when they attacked each other and when people started honking their horns louder to scare them away it only made matters worse.

“Several monkeys were injured as a result of this incident.  The road was covered with blood. And only when the leader of the losing side gave up did they withdraw “.

However, it is not the first time something like this has happened. In 2020, two gangs of monkeys were engaged in a fight in the same city and the video sparked a serious discussion about how to deal with animals during the pandemic.

Many had argued that tourism changed the behavior of these monkeys as they now expect to be fed by humans.

The government speaks of sterilization as a solution and wants to sterilize 500 monkeys, but capturing them is not that easy

And I mean…When monkeys pick coconuts from the trees in Thailand and stay chained to a short leash for life, it is believed to be useful and economical.

Before Corona, these same monkeys were tolerated by the locals as tourist attractions: The tourists fed the animals, paid money for photos – the city had around 6,000 monkeys under control!
Wildlife across the country annually attracts over 35 million tourists who come here every year and make up around 20 percent of the economy.

But then Corona came, the tourists stayed away, and of course the monkeys are now hungry and aggressive!
It’s about survival!
And man is looking for a solution!

Human animals wage bloody wars against their weaker conspecifics, even when they are not hungry.
In this case, however, we are not looking for a “solution”, but we are financing the arms industry on top of that.

We are also against wars wherever they take place, which is why we propose the following solution: Sterilization for all arms dealers and operators of the war industry.

My best regards to all, Venus