UK: 20/7/21 – Update On Horse Slaughter – Programme Shown On BBC TV. Watch On iplayer, But May Only Be For UK Viewers. ? Try Links At End.

I have given a couple of links to the programme at the end.

If you are NON UK then please try these to view. I dont know if you can view or not elsewhere in the world. I am keen to know if NON UK visitors can view. Please let me know with a short and simple response in our comments – thanks, Mark.

(Mark WAV) – Yesterday, 19/7, we issued a post relating to a Panorama tv broadcast on the BBC (yesterday evening) on horse and race horse slaughter investigation.

Link –

Here is additional news in today (20/7) from Animal Aid:

Dear Mark,

We know it isn’t easy to see or read about animal cruelty – so we really appreciate you taking the time to read this email. Having such wonderful supporters helps to keep us going.

Animal Aid’s ground-breaking investigation into horse slaughter was featured exclusively on BBC1’s Panorama last night, The Dark Side of Horse Racing. Our harrowing footage reveals, in heart-breaking detail, the fate of those horses who find themselves ‘unwanted’. 

Arriving at the abattoir either singly from private owners – or in large truck loads – we see nervous horses being led to a kill room, shot in the head and then hoisted into a butchery where their throats are slit: The majority of the meat is destined for human consumption.

Animal Aid investigators worked tirelessly to film this incredibly distressing footage, showing the slaughter of 267 horses and ponies, between October 2019 and February 2020.

Some of these animals would have once been much-loved companions. A number were from the horse racing industry, whilst others seemed to be from managed feral herds. We saw ponies shot in front of one another – and, disturbingly, our cameras even captured the slaughterman swearing at scared, anxious horses.

We have launched a petition, calling for basic measures to protect horses from this fate. This includes a government-imposed limit on the number of horses bred each year, to reduce the number of ‘unwanted’ horses. We can stop this pointless suffering – but we need your help!

Please sign the petition:

Introduce national limits on horse breeding – Petitions (

Please share our films:

Animal Aid’s Horse Slaughter Investigation – Animal Aid

Please make a donation:

Animal Aid: Make a donation (

Help us to keep the pressure on and make real progress for horses.

No animal should have to face slaughter – please take action and be their voice.

Thank you.

Campaign Manager

If you missed the programme then can watch it here – but note this is only for BBC Tv I player and may not be visible to non UK residents.  We will try and get a copy of the footage when we can

BBC One – Panorama, The Dark Side of Horse Racing

Or try this link; it may work ???

A gamble – sorry but out of my control.

Regards Mark

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