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Hi all; we have been getting some very positive news about wet markets through from Animal Equality.  We have thrown everything into one post here – although you may read some things twice, this just because we have provided all the information from various mails we have had in.

The videos are worth a watch if you can stomach them.  I will tidy this up later when there is time – things are arriving en masse now.

Regards Mark


Hi Mark,

I have good news for you: We’re starting to see the first steps of progress in phasing out live animals at wet markets!

Here’s a quick reminder of the events leading up to this:

Animal Equality first exposed the reality of cruel and dangerous wet markets ​​at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. These live animal markets were still relatively unknown to the general public at the time.

Our investigative team returned to these horrific places in May 2021 and discovered that nothing had changed despite claims of shutting down operations for safety. Wet markets were still a threat to human health and causing unimaginable suffering for animals.

Thanks to this investigation, we were able to show the brutality of these markets and launched an international campaign to demand their closure. The petition received overwhelming support, collecting nearly 600,000 signatures.

In April, the World Health Organization called for a ban on the sale of live wild mammals in food markets worldwide to prevent the emergence of new diseases.

And just a month ago, I delivered your signatures to world leaders at the United Nations asking for a ban on the sale of all live animals at wet markets.

Mark, now here’s the exciting update I have for you:

The Parliament of Singapore has spent a year reviewing legislation concerning the safety and welfare standards of animals sold for food in wet markets. As a result, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has confirmed a ban on the sale and slaughter of turtles and live frogs.

This is one of the biggest animal protections made in Singapore’s history.

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