Sweden: milk from potatoes is on the market!

The Swedish food innovators from Veg of Lund and Professor Eva Tornberg from Lund University recently developed and launched an innovative potato-based milk alternative (DUG®).

The product brings Veg of Lund closer to its goal of helping more people live a plant-based lifestyle that benefits their health, society and the future of the planet.
The company’s products are designed to make it easy for everyone to choose an uncompromising, plant-based, tasty and sustainable option.

In particular, the Swedish company is committed to environmental sustainability and minimizes its climate footprint through efficient land use, low water consumption and low carbon emissions.

The company’s products also play a major role here.

According to Veg of Lund, potatoes dug out of the ground are the perfect basis for a milk alternative thanks to their ingenious properties (tasteless, very nutritious and super sustainable).

In addition, potatoes are naturally free from common allergens such as those found in soy, nuts or wheat products, which are often used as the basis of many milk alternatives on the market.
Due to its “free from” status, DUG® was recognized as the best allergy-friendly product at the latest World Food Innovation Awards 2021.
It was also awarded a “Highly Commended” in the “Best Herbal Drink” category.

DUG is available in 3 delicious variants: Barista, Original and Unsweetened. It was recently launched online (June 2021) at http://www.dugdrinks.com, Navesu, and Amazon.
Negotiations are also ongoing with several food retailers.


And…We are very happy about the new product!
It’s nice if we can soon enjoy our cappuccino with potato milk.

My best regards to all, Venus

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