Setting The Record Straight on the Dolphin “Smile”. Also The ‘Taiji Dolphin Hunt’ (Japan).

Our Head of Wildlife, Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach Sets the Record Straight on the Dolphin Smile

This month, we’re releasing a new video titled Breaking the Myths narrated by Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach, our Global Head of Wildlife Research and Animal Welfare.  

Jan is an expert on the captive dolphin industry and the author of our report, Behind The Smile. In the video, Jan addresses a common misconception that dolphins smile. We don’t want to give too much away so watch now!


Nicole Barrantes  

Wildlife Campaign Manager

World Animal Protection

PS Looking for more information? Read our Behind the Smile report published in 2019 


With the Summer Olympics currently taking place in Japan; is it not time to remember what Japan does to dolphins each year, re thee Taiji Hunt ?

Here are a few past links (all under one heading – take your picks to view) of ours (WAV) relating to this massive disgraceful abuse of very intelligent animals.:

Search Results for “Taiji” – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark

Pictures: the Taiji Hunt, Japan.

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