France must ban chick shredding

Born to die: this is the fate of millions of male chicks in France’s farms.

Every year 50 million male chicks in France are shredded, gassed or suffocated in garbage bags. Because they don’t lay eggs – and don’t make any profits.

German chicks are still suffering this fate – but from 2022 chick shredding will be banned in Germany!

France also promised an end to the killing of chicks in 2019 – but nothing has happened so far.

SumOfUs members in France are calling on their government to follow Germany’s example – let’s support them now and ensure that chick shredding will soon come to an end across Europe.

Male chicks of laying hens are regarded as waste in the food industry: They put too little meat on for fattening and do not lay eggs – they therefore do not make any profit for the agricultural corporations.

The sex of the chicks can be determined three days after birth – during these 72 hours the chicks develop a level of consciousness similar to that of a three-month-old baby.

As a SumOfUs community, we have claimed the rights of many animals – from bees to orangutans and orcas.
Today we can together save the day-old chicks in France from the cruel death!

Call on French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie to stop chick shredding!

Sign and share:

And I mean…Worldwide, around seven billion male chicks are killed on the first day of their lives because they are not wanted in the egg industry, and the egg industry has enjoyed a steadily increasing consumption of chicken eggs for years.

In poultry production, rearing male chicks is not worthwhile. The chicks do not lay eggs and put on less breast meat.

The female chicks, on the other hand, are raised as laying hens.

But how do you get rid of the approximately 50 million male chicks that hatch each year in Germany?

The legislature has regulated that: chicks must not be older than 72 hours afterwards they are forgotten or shredded. However, this is valid until January 2022!

In May 2021, the Federal Council passed a ban on the cruel killing of male chicks in German laying farms. It will come into force in 2022.

The predominant method used is the gasification of the chicks with highly concentrated carbon dioxide (CO2)

An “alternative” method is to grind the animals. The chicks are thrown alive into rotating blades and thereby massacred.

The new law stipulates that killing the chicks in their millions shortly after hatching is prohibited from January.
Instead, methods should be used that determine the sex in the egg so that male chicks do not hatch in the first place.

In a second stage from January 1, 2024, the law provides for further regulations to avoid pain for the embryo.
Then methods for gender recognition in the egg should only be allowed if they are used at an earlier stage of the incubation.

Finally, the Federal Council has to deal with the law, which can delay the project but not stop it, although the poultry industry does not want to accept that!
The poultry lobby is promoting a voluntary industry agreement between food retailers and the poultry industry; and only from 2023!!
One of the industry’s pseudo arguments is that if Germany were to go it alone, the domestic economy would lose out and eggs would be imported from other countries with lower animal welfare standards to meet demand.

It sounds very suspect that suddenly the poultry industry is interested in animal welfare of other countries, although it has never shown interest and protection for the welfare of the animals in its own country…

The most effective way to protect chicks and other “farm animals” is to avoid consuming animal products.

Everyone who wants to work consistently for animal welfare must ban animals and animal products from their plates

My best regards to all, Venus

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