Hunting dogs

It would be enough to look at their eyes to grasp SUFFERING and LONELINESS!
Like in a real farm, they are kept in series and linked in a chain!

Foto: Gabriella Dimastrodonato-Italia

A condition of perennial slavery that does not allow them to live life except in those few hours of hunting in which they will do everything to please their tormentor.

They will be trained in every abuse and deprivation because they are considered real objects to be disposed of without scruples …
And when they are no longer suitable for hunting, they will be mercilessly killed in the most disparate ways.

These are the hunters who love nature and the dogs they have!

And I mean…Even the pure-bred dog with pedigree bought for 500 – 600 euros is “disposed of” in the event of “failure” without great conscience.
The hounds are particularly hard hit.
The wild boar hunters in particular persistently hold on to the old wisdom that a “segugio” is born as a useful hunting dog.

If the young dog still does not show good disposition in the second winter, the risk of not being taken home again becomes very real for him.

Animal rights activists never tired of pointing out the grievances.

“The Italian hunter uses the hunting dog as an extension of his arm, but the able assistant is in no way rewarded for this work.

While the game bird hunter keeps an average of one or two four-legged friends (mostly Setter or Epagneul Breton), the wild boar hunter often owns up to 17 dogs, the majority of which are small mixed breeds, which are more or less fortuitously sent to the hunt, so that many of them die in the first few days of the season.

Many dogs are seriously or fatally injured during the three-month wild boar hunt.
But how could a dog that was chained for nine months or lived in some hole in its own excrement suddenly hunt well?
A dog that may be completely worried, thanks to the diet of dry bread and leftover food and the lack of exercise, was unable to develop muscles. “
(Source: cane in toscana)

Here in Germany it’s not much better either.
It is said that “the hunters are the Vatican of Germany”.
Hunting is a hobby for psychopaths everywhere, mostly practiced by the higher strata of society

A civilized, empathic person can hardly imagine that today’s society, in the 21st century, allows this wretched minority to do what they want in the forest.

My best regards to all, Venus

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