Animal experiments are a crime

True words by Peter Singer (born July 6, 1946 in Melbourne, Australia), Australian philosopher and ethicist.

“Either the animal is not like us, then there is no need to do the experiment;
or / but the animal is like us and in this case we should not carry out an experiment with the animal that would make us indignant if it were carried out on one of us”. (Peter Singer)

Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies abusing, torturing and killing animals for diabolical animal experiments.
By now it should be well known globally that animal experiments are never and will never be 1: 1 transferable to humans.
Then why this ordeal of innocent beings?

There are numerous alternatives to the ungodly experiments on breathing creatures.
But the profit and the unholy research mania of many scientists prevent their widespread use.

Whether for the medicine and pharmaceutical industry, for the tobacco and food industry, the cosmetics industry or whatever: Animal experiments are wrong.

No medication, no vaccine, no cigarette, no short culinary pleasure and not even the latest make-up justify letting animals enjoy this hell on earth.
And here, too, the consumer has it in their hands by doing without blood and pain-stained animal torture products and only buying goods that are free from animal testing.

There are alternatives for almost everything, you just have to find out more and, above all, you have to want to.


Text: Together for the animals

And I mean…Wherever people take the right to enslave suffering-capable animals as research tools, to torture them and finally to let them die miserably, we speak not only of an injustice, but of a crime.
In suffering, the animals are our equals but despite this hard fact the abnormal experimenters continue their senseless tyranny

My best regards to all, Venus

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