The withdrawal of water and food from the broiler chickens in Mexico – simply criminal!

We ask for the prohibition of the forced molting of chickens in Mexico.
New research documents the cruel practice of forced molting in the Mexican egg industry where chickens go up to 7 days without water and food.


In Mexico there is still a practice, prohibited in Europe, that makes hens used for egg production suffer beyond the serious consequences of being kept in cages for life.
It is about the Pelecha or Forced Muda by fasting.

A cruel practice that consists of depriving the hens of water and food for 7 days to accelerate their next laying cycle so that they can be exploited for a longer time, causing them great suffering.

Up to a third of them die during or after the fast.

The Animal Equality Researchers have documented this practice of forced molting so that society knows what happens on the farms and supports the legal initiative that we have presented in Mexico.

A 7-day fast has serious consequences for chickens:

-1 in 3 die during and after the process.
-The most basic needs of animals, such as food or drink, are taken from them in the name of financial gain.
-Demineralization in their bones that aggravates the injuries and diseases they suffer in their legs due to being confined in cages.
-Dehydration and extreme suffering.
-Depression of their immune system that makes them susceptible to developing diseases such as salmonella enteritidis, Escherichia coli and avian typhoid.
-Dermatitis that is aggravated by the loss of feathers.
-Increase in aggressions among chickens that cause wounds that are not treated by veterinarians.
-Total limitation of any natural behavior in chickens such as stretching their wings or walking.

The hens that survive are regrouped in cages with other hens with which they have not lived, this has a great impact on the birds since they will be crowded with others they do not know and added to stress, hunger and thirst, social problems arise and the spread of disease.


The bill presented in the Congress of Jalisco and for which a positive opinion has already been approved is unprecedented in Mexico because it is the first that seeks to include a chapter on Animal Welfare in the Law for the Protection and Care of Animals of the State of Jalisco in favor of animals used in industrial livestock.

It includes:

-Provide welfare to all animals intended for supply or consumption without making distinctions or exclusions.

-Prohibit forced molting through the deprivation of food and water in chickens used for egg production.

-Define the cage-free system and order the implementation of a State Standard.

-To urge the creation of the Official Mexican Standard for the production of Cage-Free Eggs.

-Seek a greater professionalization of the handling of animals by specifying that only registered operators and in the presence of a veterinarian can perform painful interventions.

Forced molting by fasting has been prohibited in the European Union and India, but in Mexico there is still this practice completely incompatible with animal welfare.

And I mean…Millions of animals in this modern concentration camp are mistreated, tortured and killed.
These affected animals suffer and die for all who eat their meat and eggs.

These animals do not vegetate there voluntarily.
The sacrifice of their freedom and their life is forced out by force.

All of these animals feel and think.
They feel fear and pain, joy and hope, lead a conscious life and want to grow old with their feelings and thoughts.
Therefore, they have a natural right to their life and to protection from torture.

Factory farming all over the world is a legalized crime, to which the power enables, but no morality justifies.
In this industry, the right of the fittest shows only its most hideous grimace.

We have to give animals back their rights.
For decades we have been calling for an end to the cruel and monstrous factory farming, in Europe, many “organic” stables with cows or bigs are not looking much better than in Mexico.

But hope grows under the struggle of the animal rights activists.
Years ago, such initiatives would have been unthinkable.
The power of the system is crumbling.

My best regards to all, Venus

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