Slaughterhouse in Germany: a place of horror

Animal exploitation sites are some of the most hideous in the world and their doors are always tightly locked, but there are facilities that are even more impenetrable than others: slaughterhouses.

The undercover agents’ cameras document insights that television cannot get and in which atrocities are the order of the day to show what is really going on behind the walls of these places.

Slaughterhouses around the world hide a cruel and painful reality: billions of animals such as pigs, cows, calves, chickens, rabbits, sheep and fish are brutally killed every day, regardless of their suffering.

The stunning methods are mostly ineffective and cause terrible agony for the animals, who first witness the killing of those in front of them and are then killed themselves fully conscious.

Inadequately equipped facilities, disregarded quality standards, violations of animal welfare laws and hygiene regulations, as well as abuse and mistreatment of animals are the rule.

Animal Equality’s international team has been documenting the cruel practices that the meat industry hides from its consumers for several years in slaughterhouses around the world: in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, the UK, and especially in Italy, where 10 out of 17 are undercover Research has been carried out worldwide.

Recently, the living conditions of animals condemned to be slaughtered are finally gaining more and more public attention, as the latest news from Mexico shows, for example: The Congress of the State of Puebla has almost unanimously passed the bill to ban illegal slaughterhouses and the slaughter of animals without stunning assumed.

The wind is turning, and that’s also thanks to our investigative work, which we carry out with full determination.

Additional information: in the last few years the scandals in slaughterhouses in Germany have increased, one scandal follows another.
The SOKO animal welfare association has delivered several undercover investigations to the authorities and to the public.
Consequences: Sometimes a slaughterhouse closes and opens the next year next door again.

SOKO Tierschutz-Mecke-Germany

The association SOKO carried out an undercover investigation in a butcher’s company Mecke in North Rhine-Westphalia from May to July 2021.

This last undercover is a fatal reminder of the scandals surrounding slaughterhouses that specialize in the illegal slaughter of sick and injured dairy cows.
In the past few months, animals have been systematically mistreated in an animal facility belonging to the Mecke company network.


Workers beat emaciated animals in the most brutal way and to the point of unconsciousness, a sick calf is kicked and dragged by the ears, electric shocks are illegally distributed, cows are dragged around with the winch while fully conscious, and animal experiments are even suspected , because the company apparently trades in the blood of the weakened animals.

The blood is drawn from the animals by the liter while they are still alive, while the animals are still tortured.


A process that counts as a reportable animal experiment.
The Mecke employees comment on this as “emptying” and know that animals are finished after this ordeal and often can no longer get up.

In addition, pictures are shown of small children who beat the cattle with poles

It is now evident that the ridiculous penalties in animal welfare processes are zero deterrent.

The cruelest perpetrators simply moved a few kilometers further, and the veterinary office once again doesn’t know anything – that’s how animal welfare works in Germany.
“A major failure of politics and the judiciary,” said SOKO spokesman Friedrich Mülln.

The video is hard, as hard as the reality in slaughterhouses made possible by criminal butchers and corrupt authorities.

For decades this has happened thousands of times and every day in Germany under political fraud, series lobbyism and a powerful meat mafia that has nothing to fear.

My best regards to all, Venus

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