Eating Meat is Cultural Narcissism.

Cultural gaslighting

If, despite the manipulation, you decide to stop consuming animal products, society has a problem with that. Even though research shows that meat eaters consider people who don’t eat meat more virtuous, research also shows that they dislike them almost as much as they dislike drug addicts. And you’re disliked more if you’re doing it for the animals than if you’re doing it for your own health.

Even if you don’t set out to talk about it, you run into a lot of gaslighting. People act like you’re annoying/preachy/pushy/militant for simply talking about it, even when they brought it up. People say they love animals while paying for them to be killed. People act like you have a superiority complex when you’re the only one not feeling superior to animals. People say they respect that you don’t want to have animals killed and therefore you should also respect that they do. People claim that the animals are treated well and killed “humanely” while refusing to watch any footage. People insist there are essential nutrients that you can only get from animal products, even when shown proof that there aren’t. People are okay with seeing meat ads every day of their lives, but dismiss verifiable facts about the industries as “vegan propaganda.” People say you’re choosing animals over humans, even though your choice benefits both. Et cetera.

In a healthy environment, people would be thrilled to find out that we can end animal exploitation and improve our health and the environment at the same time. We would all be working together to close slaughterhouses immediately. So, why do people side with the animal abusers and gaslight anyone who doesn’t? Because eating and using animal products is a form of cultural narcissism.

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